The Serpent Scion: A New Mythic Article at Ancient Origins

Scott Alan Roberts and I have recently had an article we co-authored featured at the fantastic Ancient Origins website, called “The Serpent Scion: Mythic Traditions and the Brotherhood of the Snake.” This article looks at the mystery of the serpent … Continue reading

Cooper’s Classics: UFOs, the Illuminati, and the Secret Government

The video above is a classic presentation the late William Cooper gave before a Las Vegas MUFON event in the late 1980s. Here, the famous conspiracist divulged links between secret societies and conspiracies in America with the alleged contact between … Continue reading

On Intuition: Alex Jones Trusts his Gut

In the uncharacteristically esoteric video segment featured above, controversial talk show host Alex Jones discusses his apparent experiences with intuition, stating explicitly that “every time I follow my feelings, it’s right.” In relation to the recent shootings that have caused … Continue reading

Lunar Junk: Searching for the Remains of Civilizations on the Moon

There are a number of popular conspiracy theories abounding today that involve Earth’s moon. While some the likes of John Lear have alleged that there are literally trees and other kinds of flora growing there, in addition to buildings constructed … Continue reading

Inaugural Oddities: A Few Things You May Not Know

On Monday, January 21, 2013, the public inaugural ceremony for Barack Obama will be held for purposes of swearing our 44th President into office for his second term. According to projected attendance estimates, as many as 800,000 people may flock … Continue reading