A rather telling video clip has emerged recently online, in which Vice President Joe Biden calls for the creation of a what he calls “a New World Order.”

The story was carried by the Next News Network, which noted that Vice President Joe Biden states, without any question, that the “affirmative task before us is to create a new world order.” The statement was made at the Export Import Bank conference in Washington on April 5, 2013. He also complained that the U.S. jobs figures for the month of March, 2013, are “disappointing.”

“We have to do what we do best. We have to lead,” Biden said while speaking in Washington at an Export-Import Bank Conference, which was being broadcast live on C-SPAN. “We have to level the playing field.”

Arguably, as one of the two most prominent politicians in America at present, it is questionable why Biden would employ this kind of language; obviously, he would have to be aware that such a statement would be taken by conspiracy theorists and made out to mean the literal establishment of a New World Order, in which globalist elite groups call for

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at info@micahhanks.com.

3 Replies to “Vice President Joe Biden calls for “New World Order”

  1. Good Lord! how many world orders have we gone through already? Is anyone keeping count?

    I can imagine the commotion this would cause at the Illuminati grand hall:

  2. While I don’t profess to know why Biden used the term “New World Order”, I do know it wasn’t an “honest gaffe” simply because the word “honest” should never be used to describe the actions of any politician. Statesmen, yes. Politicians, no. Biden is definitely the latter, as are almost all the people in Government these days. There are no Statesmen anymore.

  3. Micah, you answered yer own question.

    “…..he would have to be aware that such a statement would be taken by *conspiracy theorists* and made out to mean the literal establishment of a New World Order…”

    1) ya know how us mere plebes always complain that the elites are out of touch with our concerns? well, it’s because the elites truly are out of touch with our concerns. CT’ers are a small minority of us mere plebes, so yep there’s an excellent chance Biden has no clue about this language, just like Bush the 1st didn’t know about supermarket scanners back in the day. (altho i think HW pry did know about scanners but was trying for a ‘gee whiz isn’t modern technology amazing!” vibe that fell flat.)

    2) if Biden has heard about this, he knows that the people who get worked up about the elites using the term New World Order are a bunch of “wacked out conspiracy theorists”. We CT’ers are generally seen as about the same as naked people, according to Mark Twain in his classic quote: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

    IOW, on the off chance Biden knows, why would he give a fig? We have no $$$ or power to speak of, so – that’s politics. To end on a more cheerful note, i’ve been listening to various friends pulling their hair out over the New World Order for 20+ years now and we’re not talking to each other in some detention camp yet and there’s guns galore here in the bay area. Okay, the state of things today is not really ‘a cheerful note’, but at least the NWO isn’t unfolding the way so many have predicted.

    hmmm….i’m digging this hole ever deeper!! 🙂 i’ll just send you a big glob of cosmic love – enjoy the beautiful day, i think happiness is the best way to stick it to the man!!!! bread and roses, steph

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