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5 Replies to “Columnist groups UFO believers with demographic he calls “shockingly dumb”

  1. Here’s a thought: Invite this guy to the Paradigm symposium, like Scotty did with PZ Myers. Let’s see if he’s willing to come out of his comfort zone & interact with the tinfoil hat crowd 😉

  2. Micah, how’d ya run across Morford? (and it is “Morford”, not “Morfords”, the apostrophe is hard to see in that graphic). (and it’s “The San Francisco Chronicle” and “SFGate”.) (yes, i’m a Bay Area local, have been for 45 years now, not being picky but just can’t help myself 😉

    I don’t know a soul who takes this dude seriously, least of all Mark his own bad self…… like most ‘media personalities’, he has his schtick and milks it for all it’s worth. Frankly, i’m surprised and amazed at your writing abilities, since you managed to discuss MM without bringing up his fave topics of the wonderful life affirming qualities of sloppy kisses, tantric sex, and double lattes slurped sloppily at sunset (rolling eyeballs).

    Most comments on his columns read like this one: “I have been visiting this website daily for 4+ years and never made it through a whole Mark Morford article. This guy is terrible.” uncle_ruckus 11:54 PM on March 14, 2013. He pry wrote this latest masturpiece to garner a few thumbs up (tho i don’t follow him at all closely these days).

    I *would* like to see your excellent round-up of international govt interest in ufos more easily source via your post title – it’s a wonderful resource and i’ve been itching to compile one like it myself just this last week! You’re an angel for saving me all this trouble 🙂 Now, brace yourself – but i’m sure MM would be all over your own cheerleading of cosmic love….don’t let him see your picture ! heehee, steph

  3. Anti-government conspiracy theories are almost never the province of those with centrist political views in the US. Generally, they are espoused and believed unquestioningly by political extremists at both ends of the spectrum.

    If this were the 1970s, the crazy theories would be coming from the far left, who at the time had a louder voice than numbers in the US population. Now the crazy theories are coming from the far right, who currently have a louder voice than numbers (who

  4. Is this guy morford really a writer,but,i do not need to say more after the well deserved beating you gave him.whew,so many of the comments are very biased and they write how much they are not so.after following the ufo thing for many years i do believe there is some substance to a court of law the evidence would be on the side of the ufos being here especialy after over 500 ex military,cia,faa, and more top officials testifiy(the disclosureproject)and thousands of unidentified objects flying in american airspace over military bases,nuclear missle sites then when a jet aproaches it takes off at thousands of miles an hour,oohhh,but i guess that is not enough,that and documentation from other countrys,hhmm,if one landed on the white house has been proven that there are agencys that do nothing but disinformation and debunking everything alien,why do they do this,ooohh that is right,to make sure the average person keeps on believing all the bulls— they want us to believe..

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