Many researchers and writers who have pursued the unexplained have described having experiences where electronic devices have acted erratically. This is especially the case with telephones, and I can say with certainty that I’m no stranger to this sort of phenomenon.

Recently over at Mysterious Universe, I wrote a piece about this titled Conspiracy Calls: Paranoid Telephonic Bugs and MIB Surveillance. But here’s where things get funny: just as I was sitting down to write the piece, my cell phone inexplicably lit up, then shut down, and turned itself back on. Following this bit of bizarre synchronicity, I figured I would touch base with my fellow researcher Nick Redfern, just for fun, and see if he had ever had similar experiences, since he is author of the book The Real Men in Black (New Page Books, 2011).

At the time, Nick admitted that he hadn’t had anything of this sort occur, so I went along recounting my own experiences instead. However, upon finishing the article, Nick subsequently contacted me with a very strange and equally-synchronistic update. Apparently, he’d spoken a bit too soon…

Mr. Redfern ended up going on Dr. Rita Louise’s radio program shortly afterward, and as Nick puts it, “When we got to the section of the interview about telephone interference, however, all hell broke loose.”

Many of the stereotypical weird noises and strange interference associated with the MIB lore had apparently begun to occur, right in the middle of their interview! “I told her, in my opinion, if this was not a case of coincidence (and the timing most strongly suggests it was not!) then maybe someone really was listening in and playing a few mind-games of the MIB variety.” You can read the entire piece, as well as get more info about the interview, by clicking here.

Image by Jamie Anderson via Flickr.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

3 Replies to “This Line is Tapped: Speaking of Phones (And Speaking Too Soon)

  1. No mameeeees!

    I clicked on the link Nick provided for the interview, and the show was actually marked “On Air”, so I clicked on it, and sure enough it was in the middle of the interview.

    As I was wondering if the incident had already happened, you were explaining about your friend in Califonia who felt intimidated by the MIB, and started talking about phones. That’s when I knew I had caught the show in time to hear the clicking incident. i checked the clock and it was 3:29pm (Mexico city time), so I can of ‘dared’ it, you know. I thought “if the clicking incident occurs at 3:33 in my clock, I’m going to piss my pants right here right now.”

    Sure enough, the first click happened at 3:33 (not right on cue, but during that minute).


  2. What’s up my Gralien brothers from other mothers?

    Just a question for you all: have you ever dealt with 9/11 for an episode (or two)? I only ask because I would be interested in your dissection of the many issues involved with both the official report, and the alternatives offered by the dissenters.

  3. We have actually dealt with 911 a bit in the past, and I can tell you this; initially, like a lot of people out there, for me it looked like a terrorist attack right off the bat. It was shocking, it was hurtful, and it was rage-invoking. Then some of the dissenting opinions began to come forth over the years, supporting notions of an “inside job.” Some of the elements used to support that argument were compelling, and remain worthy of further inquiry even today. However, as time has tempered my emotional reaction to much of the news that has come forth over the years, and I’ve familiarized myself with both sides and their arguments (as well as their counter-arguments against one another). I can tell you this: While today I don’t think 9-11 was an inside job, I think certain intelligence agencies probably weren’t communicating with one another effectively enough to ward off the dangers the terrorist plot presented. We know, in retrospect, that this was a plot that some agencies in the U.S. had some prior knowledge of… though I would stop short of saying it was “allowed” to happen, the obvious result was both tragic, as well as it was an excuse to enter foreign territory in the so-called “war against terrorism.” It has been costly, and perhaps not the best way to defend the homeland in many respects; but that’s an entirely different debate altogether. Regarding the 9-11 conspiracy angle, I don’t think there was an inside job, but that much of the evidence does highlight shortcomings in our intelligence agencies prior to the attacks (and this sentiment has also been expressed by Nick Pope, who has exhaustively researched the event on his own).

    Thanks for the questions, as always!

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