Gralien Report Daily News for March 7, 2013

Below are today’s Fortean Headlines… UFO Sightings near Cape Town, South Africa are on the rise Strange ‘Troll’ Creature Photographed in Rural Pennsylvania Tiny monkey teeth suggest Flores hobbit was a dwarf Famed Viking Sunstone Did Exist, Scientists Say Astronomers … Continue reading

Gralien Report Daily News for February 22, 2013

Below are today’s Fortean Headlines… Synthetic telepathy… with temporary tattoos? Return of the Russian Ghost Ship We need to kickstart a new scientific revolution… with less ego in the way! The otherwise lighthearted Cracked Magazine offers some insightful thoughts on … Continue reading

Gralien Report Daily News for February 21, 2013

Below are today’s Fortean Headlines… How was Earth’s life kindled under a cold sun? Evidence for life after death is “overwhelming” Unexplained Loud Booms and Light Flashes Persist in U.S. Ghost Theory discusses “Glowing Entity On Live Russian News Broadcast” … Continue reading

Hot Rocks: Were Phosphorous Deposits to Blame for “Burning Pants” in SoCal?

The mystery surrounding alleged cases of spontaneous human combustion have riddled researchers for decades… and now, a similar incident reported out of San Clemente states that a 43-year-old woman has undergone surgery following a fire that set her pants ablaze, … Continue reading

Art of the Anomalous: Does Interest in the Unexplained Promote Artistic Abilities?

According to a recent article featured at the Science Daily website, there are links between those who have musical abilities and reading ability. “New research published in BioMed Central’s open access journal Behavioral and Brain Functions shows how auditory working … Continue reading

The Psychotic Skies: Do Incidents of “Air Madness” Reveal Cause for Concern? (Updated)

We’ve all heard of altitude sickness before, and even of the sort of light-headed sensations that can sometimes occur while ascending to great heights while traveling by air. Maybe you’ve even seen that classic episode of The Twilight Zone where … Continue reading

They Stalk by Night: Vampires and UFOs?

Recently while pondering strange objects of esoterica, I came across a historical article regarding Elizabeth Bathory, the Hungarian “Blood Countess”, whose grisly crimes against virgin peasant girls (the blood of which she believed could be used to preserve her own … Continue reading

The Devil and Bobby Jindal

Yesterday, every major news outlet had something to say about Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. Whether it was those advocating Mr. Jindal being groomed for running on the Republican ticket for Presidency in 2012, or more likely, the number of articles … Continue reading

What Hails From Beyond: Shamanic Drugs, or Pathways to Other Dimensions?

The notion that something from within our bodies could be considered an illegal substance seems rather odd to me. However, this is very much the case with the powerful drug Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), active ingredient in the mysterious shamanic ayahuasca tea … Continue reading

Tesla: Master of Lighting, Gatherer of Light

Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla, father of many inventions that would define the modern electronic era, was perhaps best known for his relentless probing of all things electrical and capable of being machined. In his lifetime, he exhibited a masterful ability … Continue reading

Unidentified Flying Octopoid: Return of the Sky Squid?

I’ve been getting emails all day about a bizarre incident which occurred early this morning in England near the country town of Lincolnshire. Reports are saying that a UFO seen streaking through the sky in the early morning hours collided … Continue reading

Out of Place Artifacts in China, or Geological Pipe-Dreams?

When I was a child, I always enjoyed watching reruns of the popular 1970s television program In Search Of… (so much, in fact, that to this day as I conduct research I imagine Leonard Nimoy narrating my endeavors … Continue reading

Bleeding Me: Blood from the Pores a “curse” or a rare medical condition?

Many locals in the village of Uttar Pradesh are saying that 13 year old Twinkle Dwivedi has fallen victim to a curse, due to a bizarre affliction that causes blood to leak through the pores in her skin. Schools … Continue reading