Gralien Report Daily News for January 15, 2014

Below are today’s Fortean Headlines… Beneath Antarctica is a trough deeper than the Grand Canyon In Wisconsin: More “Ice Quakes” Startle the Neighbors Devil Baby Terrorizes New Yorkers in Promotional Stunt ‘Robotic World Wide Web’ makes life easier for machines … Continue reading

Gralien Report Daily News for June 21, 2013

Below are today’s Fortean Headlines… BREAKING: Britain releases the last of its secret UFO files Film Reignites Missile Theory, FBI Coverup of TWA Flight 800 Crash Stephen Pope tells why he’ll watch the new TWA Flight 800 documentary Why we’ll … Continue reading

The Gralien Report Podcast for June 19, 2013 Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS This week on The Gralien Report… it’s time to make a BIG announcement about what is soon to become another partnership endeavor with The Gralien Report, which if you’re interested … Continue reading

Mothman, Cthulhu, and Children’s Art

The creepy imagery that has become popularly associated with Point Pleasant’s infamous interdimensional/cryptid/alien/science-experiment-gone-awry, The Mothman, prevails in some strange places. We’ve seen it in books, film, and art, especially that of the late fantasy painter Frank Frazetta; but weird depictions … Continue reading

They Stalk by Night: Vampires and UFOs?

Recently while pondering strange objects of esoterica, I came across a historical article regarding Elizabeth Bathory, the Hungarian “Blood Countess”, whose grisly crimes against virgin peasant girls (the blood of which she believed could be used to preserve her own … Continue reading