The Odic Force: An Early Scientific Case for “Sensitives”

The belief that a mysterious “life force” exists within all living beings has been a persistent motif in cultures throughout the world. Eastern energy workers have referred to this as “Chi,” whereas the late Wilhelm Reich supposed in the 1930s … Continue reading

On Intuition: Alex Jones Trusts his Gut

In the uncharacteristically esoteric video segment featured above, controversial talk show host Alex Jones discusses his apparent experiences with intuition, stating explicitly that “every time I follow my feelings, it’s right.” In relation to the recent shootings that have caused … Continue reading

Idle Hands: A Neurological “Phantom Limb”?

You’ve probably heard of “phantom limb” syndrome, or even the bizarre “idle hand” disorder, a neurological disorder where one’s hand may seem to act independently of it’s owner. However, what about “Supernatural Phantom Limb” disorder? According tothe Swiss news source … Continue reading

The Devil and Bobby Jindal

Yesterday, every major news outlet had something to say about Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. Whether it was those advocating Mr. Jindal being groomed for running on the Republican ticket for Presidency in 2012, or more likely, the number of articles … Continue reading

What Hails From Beyond: Shamanic Drugs, or Pathways to Other Dimensions?

The notion that something from within our bodies could be considered an illegal substance seems rather odd to me. However, this is very much the case with the powerful drug Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), active ingredient in the mysterious shamanic ayahuasca tea … Continue reading

2009: A Space Oddity?

Looking back on 2008, it could be argued that we had an exceptionally strange year. Of course, this notion might have an awful lot to do with who you’re asking, but historically, economically, and scientifically there were many events which … Continue reading