Haunting Reads: An Excerpt of the New Book, “Reynolds Mansion: An Invitation to the Past”

For listeners of my weekly Gralien Report Podcast, I’m certain that my new book, Reynolds Mansion: An Invitation to the Past will be a very familiar subject already. This story details my own personal, in-depth investigation into the history and … Continue reading

Mysterious Manifestations: Did Madame Candler Conjure Spirits of the Dead?

Looking back on the practice of mediumship during the nineteenth century, the majority of the claims made by spiritualists of that strange period are taken today with a healthy dose of skepticism. Known for elaborate trickery involving moving tables, the … Continue reading

Book Review: Cowden’s “Spirit Voices” Makes Us Want to Listen More Carefully

So far as my own involvement with researching the unexplained, I’ve always tended to be multidisciplinary. While writing articles for magazines about cryptozoology, I would be spending my weekends enthralled with psychic research. Or while studying UFO eyewitness reports, the … Continue reading