If we could narrow our sights in such a way that we could view single atoms, the tiny little particles that comprise all matter and make up our universal abode, we would come very quickly to the startling realization that we’re all ghosts, in a sense. What we take to be tangible things, in reality, are mostly empty space between the tiny protons and electrons comprising the minutiae of our world. Even those tiny particles are themselves just energetic forms, vibrating at varying degrees of human detectability. All things we know of and interact with are comprised solely of energy, and are far less tangible than we realize.

Putting things in perspective, imagine if we took the tiny bundle of protons and neutrons that shape the nucleus of any single atom, and enlarged them until they were the size of a golf ball. The orbit of the electrons swirling around the atom’s exterior would circle our humble little golf ball in an area as large as the planet Earth at very least. Indeed, there’s a good bit of emptiness that exists between the nucleus and those electrons firing about out there, and thus it becomes easy to understand how stray neutrinos can be hurtling through space at any time, passing through the gaps between the very stuff that makes up our brains and bodies. We can see easily how electromagnetic fields can permeate thick walls of buildings and infrastructure, and why only certain metals of extraordinary molecular density can shield us from harmful energetic radiation of the variety that transforms men into monsters in the comics and pulp novels of yesteryear.

There are other realities that begin to reveal themselves to us as well. For instance, we begin to realize how the world around us simply isn’t as we might perceive with our eyes alone; perhaps in this way some justification for the multitude of strange and synchronistic circumstances that haunt our existence is revealed. If we live in a closed energetic system, the universe around us obeys certain laws of energetic and thermodynamic conservation. In a realm where the energies we’re comprised of can neither be created or destroyed, we begin to view with greater clarity how the stuff of matter–even that which you or I are composed of–has existed elsewhere, at different times, places and states of being in the universe. A harmonious sense that we’re all pieces of some greater substructure becomes difficult to ignore, and possibilities begin to emerge, on a quantum level, that hint at causes behind our strangest abilities to perceive things that appear to originate from outside the five senses.

What is the true essence of our strange existence? Will the ultimate discovery and understanding of mysteries like time, gravity, human consciousness, and parallel dimensions on a quantum level eventually explain the similar mysteries of ESP, telekinesis, coincidences and synchronicity also? Especially here in our Western culture, it has become too easy to commit ourselves to intellectual pursuits that all but forgo understanding of the unusual, or things we might deem “spiritual” in nature. But like points along a curved line which eventually meets itself and forms a circle, our scientific understanding of time, space, and the cosmos may, in reality, represent an attempt at unraveling the universe that is surprisingly similar to the ancient spiritual sciences, beginning at a mutual point of asking “why” and heading in different directions along the same circular perimeter. Eventually, both scientific questioning and spiritual pursuits would have to unite again further down the road, and all would undeniably fall under the justification of what we will one day simply call “science.”

This, in only the briefest sense, might serve as an introduction to the notion that strange extra-sensory powers could have their basis in realistic quantum physics and scientific studies which, though perhaps misunderstood or ignored altogether for now, may one day be well understood as components of the greater reality around us. On a personal note, in the near future I hope to research these sorts of concepts in greater depth, as so many have done before, with hope of coming to new understandings by incorporating emerging scientific processes and discoveries. Though scientific studies are of utmost importance, I think the true spirit of inquiry would err against ruling out the less plausible witness testimonies that comprise the collective body of literature we deem strange or unusual. Hence, as always, I welcome hearing about your own experiences with the unexplained, particularly those that here would seem “psychic” in nature, or involve the perceived ability to move objects at will from a distance, predict the future, or perhaps even read the minds of others.

If you have experiences of this sort that you’d like to share, please feel free to post them in the comments section below, or for private correspondence you may email me. I’m eager to learn about the experiences that have helped shape your own perception of the universe around us, and other ways that things we call “supernatural” may seem to be, quite literally, more “natural” than most are willing to admit… for now, at least.

Image by Rain Rannu via Flickr.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at info@micahhanks.com.

14 Replies to “Exploring Extra Sensory Sciences: Psi of the Quantum Kind

  1. On a personal note, in the near future I hope to research these sorts of concepts in greater depth, as so many have done before, with hope of coming to new understandings by incorporating emerging scientific processes and discoveries.

    You aren’t planning on killing any cats, I hope? 😉

    It would help to foster a bigger comment response if you shut down (once again) the logging in feature requirement.

  2. Thanks RPJ, the “cat”astrophe has been averted, and no login is required to post comments (again)! And of course, no harm will be incurred to any gatos while the continuation of this research is underway. 😉

  3. Hello Micah. Your Weltanschauung, as partially described above, seems to gel in many aspects with mine. It is always a pleasure to discover like minded folk!
    Have you read any C.G.Jung? Do think quantum tunnelling might explain his proposed collective unconscious?
    In his foreword to the I Ching


    he describes the “Oracle” nature of the I Ching as being a product of synchronicity and one

  4. Steve,

    Indeed, I have some familiarity with Carl Jung, and I do certainly feel that some of the quantum theories out there (which I only barely touch on here) are related to Jung’s theories of a collective subconscious or consciousness among people and, perhaps, living things in general. It’s a difficult thing to quantify scientifically, but it becomes equally difficult to dismiss altogether, based on the consistency and prevalence of such concepts among various cultures (hence the interrelationship with the I Ching, as you mentioned).

    In essence, again I think notions of “quantum tunneling” and what I refer to as spiritual sciences are indeed mutual paths to the same realities… it’s all based on the nature of human experience and interpretation, and though this understanding, when taken too generally, can lead to what Philosopher Steven Law calls “Intellectual Black Holes,” there is a careful and logical process that can be applied to any such observations that would still point to some greater, underlying reality. I do feel that synchronicity, psychic phenomenon, and the like have quantum and physical parallels that science may eventually recognize.

    Glad you enjoy the site!

  5. weeell… although I believe the existence of “Intellectual Black Holes” to be more probable than that of the Hawking variety, if you have an observation then you also have an observer, and therefore again “Observer effect” (or sychronicity). I believe our western rationality (read “Logic”) merely defines a closed system of causality that rules out sychronicity. That is the problem with logic, you cannot apply it to events that occur simutaneously. But now we are encroaching on our perception of “Time”…!
    I believe that our only black holes are logical ones. I am sure that you understand what I mean… If you create a computer programme to find interstellar black holes, it will! But that does not mean that they are there. Logical processes only prove or refute premises (assumptions). I am not ranting here about Hawking

  6. We should be mindful however, of the common proclivity to link the human mind with the latest technology en vogue.

    Take for instance this little excerpt from an article I recently linked at the TDG’s news briefs:

    “We speak of the brain

  7. I like your point regarding all the “stuff” in the universe has always been here. We aren’t creating or destroying anything simply changing it’s form or moving it around (whether it be from here to there or from now to then or now to sometime in the future). Even before I studied physics I always believed we are all parts of the whole so to speak. When I feel an instant connection on a psi or spiritual level with another being I feel it is before we share some of the same “stuff”. (at a quantum level) What I do know without a doubt is the world is a wonderful and wild place. Truth is far stranger than fiction.
    In my own opinion and experience I also agree that science and religion will meet in the middle in the future. Both roads will load to the same place. It’s much like eating the proverbial apple of Eden. Fine, have all the knowledge of the universe, it will still lead you in a circle back to the same place. *grins*
    I love that the more we learn the less we know. It keeps it exciting. Blessings to you. Nice site.

  8. Well…? It makes me wonder if yo made a pair of glasses using various types of metals that could block out various molecules, could you see a ghostly image of someone. Or perhaps see someone that vibrates at a different rate?

  9. I am not at full power yet . I will let you know when ! The one in a tirllion . And you will see people came out of the dust .,if you are lucky . And I know you here this crap all the time . But Tecnolgy has made it easer for me to talk just like it said it would be in future ,,, transmission of freqs can talk on multilevel plains moving faster then the speed of light or you can think faster then the speed of light at quantum levels what I call multiplexing To learn at a very fast rate in time and space . I am learning at Geometric levels . Frontier is near , a new time is apawn us all , steal sharpen steal . To understand is to under stand wisdom of the only ONE , and I am back ! And it feels good . Transmission , over’

  10. Dear Micah A. Hanks,I liked this story,thanks. But I need to ask, could you refer me to Blogs or other sources where people can discuss their experiences with Synchronicity? Thankyou./// My e-mail address is paul2733@webtv.net

  11. @ Paul: try this one — Hidden Experience.

    @ Steve: Well yes, I think that in the end we agree that Science is an imperfect tool, in the sense that it is (and will always be) incomplete. But that shouldn’t prevent us to try to use it to the best of our abilities

  12. I have had an idea for testing the boundaries of divination. I want to document my session with a person I have seen before who has had uncanny, terse prophesies told me that have happened, and signs for others I am looking for still. Some were about things I didn’t want to hear, but needed to hear. Others seemed irrelevant. I have seen this woman twice, and I intend on going a third time, documenting every thing that is said, asked, and told. As time rolls on I will log everything from how I am feeling, to what I am witnessing, to any strange event. Are you willing to help with me with this my dear friend Micah?

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