The recent 8.9 magnitude pacific earthquake, which resulted in widespread destruction in Japan during the last 48 hours, has become the dominant feature for most news sources around the globe. After all, the earthquake, as well as the tsunami that followed, weren’t only a source of danger and destruction in the East; Northern California also fell victim to property damage and sunken vessels as the shock of the quake sent tsunami waves Eastward. Emergency alerts were sounded in parts of the Indonesian islands also, as smaller tsunami waves were reported just after dusk on Friday.

In the wake of the disaster, many are focusing on the upcoming task of providing aid and relief efforts to the affected areas, Japan in particular. President Obama was quick to state on Friday that assistance would be provided with due haste, especially with the search for missing persons from Japan and elsewhere becoming a priority. On the other hand, and as expected of the more esoteric circles, some are wondering if there were elements to this disaster which had been known beforehand, or even predicted.

I recently wrote for Mysterious Universe about a number of instances where people having past or present associations with Japan had suffered insomnia late Thursday and early Friday morning, which would have coincided with the disaster. One particularly stunning account dealt with a GR correspondent and former serviceman who, having lived for a time on Japan’s second largest island, Hokkaido, had awoken early Friday morning with intense feelings of sadness and anxiety. He was stunned, as many were, to learn about the disaster half way around the world the following morning.

In addition to a number of individuals reporting a sleepless night prior to the morning news on Friday, The Anomalist carried a story this morning, originally featured at the website Robot Celeb, which dealt with a YouTube “psychic” who has also been credited with predicting the earthquake. After viewing the video (see below), many of the points the narrator of the video makes seem to have more to do with analyzing preexisting trends, and then guessing based on those observations about a disaster which might occur between the date range of March 11 and 15, specifically around fault lines. Is this an instance of psychic phenomenon akin to those who experienced sleeplessness the evening of the disaster, or is it merely another fine example of educated guessing based on information outsourced from the web?

I would be interested to hear if you or anyone you know may have had similar experiences, namely those involving some level of perceived clairvoyance prior to the earthquake. Feel free to share your stories in the comments section below, or send them along to

Image above detailing the 2004 tsunami that struck Thailand, courtesy of David Rydevik.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

8 Replies to “Catastrophic Clairvoyance: Psychic Phenomenon and the Onset of Tragedy

  1. This is pretty vague, but I was intensely depressed for no apparent reason from Tuesday evening to Thursday. This has also happened to me before some other major disasters — two days before John Kennedy was shot, the night before the Challenger exploded — but not before 9/11. So I’ve never been sure of it was meaningful or not, but since you asked I’m tossing it out there.

  2. The night before the terrorist attacks on 9/11 I had a strange dream in which I was watching a TV show with two hosts sitting on stools talking about how WWIII had begun.

  3. Wednesday afternoon last week about 5:30 PM CDT, I experienced a momentary but intense feeling of impending doom, and told my wife. I felt that it would result in widespread death and destruction, but not for us personally here in Texas. Thinking about it rationally, I was fearful of another 9/11 attack.

    Maybe the trauma of the Japanese victims was propagated backwards in time and some of us felt it?

  4. FWIW..!

    I live in the UK. A couple of days before Japan’s horrors began I had the most compelling urge to ingest/apply iodine. I dug out the little bottle of KI and applied it liberally to inner arms and throat. I also had a craving for miso which I was happily able to indulge immediately.

    I knew that this was extremely weird. I don’t normally give even a passing thought to my iodine intake and I rarely feel such a strong craving for anything. But I’ve had enough experience of my body to listen to it and take heed. (I’m not a wooly new ager and this isn’t woo-woo stuff! Our bodies are very wise and tell us all we need to know about staying healthy if only we’d listen.)

    When I woke to the dreadful news from Japan, I just knew that my instinctive, out-of-the-blue iodine compulsion was connected.

    I also know from experience that most ‘coincidences’ are really thoroughgoing synchronicities, connected in ways that are as yet beyond our ken (although I believe Bem, Sheldrake, Radin, the EGGs et al are slowly but surely unlocking the mysteries. BTW, what were the EGGs doing at the time of the earthquake? Did anyone check yet?).

  5. Thursday night I attended a healing energy session. One woman was describing a bad feeling she had about something “bad was about to happen” I had felt similar all week, tense, even feeling earthquakes that weren’t there while sitting at my desk, so i responded quickly, “Like a earthquake?” She had actually meant something personal to her life. But waking up to a call from my boyfriend the next morning, I learned that my feelings were based in some reality. Also,during that week, I had been noticing that a lot of movies and shows I had been watching had to do with Japan, ate sushi twice that week and a friend told me that for some reason,sushi had been on her’s and other’s minds. She told me that on wednesday. There is definitely something to be said about human’s connections to earth and eachother accelerating. “Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.”-Victor Hugo

  6. Until reading this article, hadn’t given it any thought at all. But as an old guy with an enlarged prostrate, I’m up at appx 3 AM every night for a trip to the bathroom. Back in bed a minute or 2 later, I invariably go right back to sleep. But that night, I could not fall asleep again. I lay awake until about 7 AM, & just gave up & got out of bed for the day. I’ve never been to Japan, but that kind of sleeplessness is almost unheard of for me.

  7. My dog knew about the earthquake before it hit! I have ties to Japan. My dog acted strangely, whimpering and pulling on my sleeve. I fed him, tied him out, but he got on a table next to the door, leaned against the wall of the house, shivering and whining. I tols two people I thought he was feeling an earthquake. He wouldn’t let me sleep, so finally I got up and switched on TV. Heard the first reports.

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