The belief that a mysterious “life force” exists within all living beings has been a persistent motif in cultures throughout the world. Eastern energy workers have referred to this as “Chi,” whereas the late Wilhelm Reich supposed in the 1930s that such an anti-entropic energy existed in boundless quantities throughout our universe, which he called “Orgone.”

With the broad spectrum of subjects and phenomena linked to the strange and occult interests held by the Nazis, it becomes easy for the earlier offerings of esoteric thinkers in German history to become somewhat overshadowed. One famous practitioner of the sciences, Baron Carl von Reichenbach, had not only claimed to have tapped into interests surrounding a strange multi-force similar to Reich’s Orgone hypothesis, but also felt that there was a strong case to be made regarding his studies and their connection with what he called “sensitives,” or people whose senses seemed more greatly pronounced than the average person.

Reichenbach’s “Sensitives”

As Reichenbach’s views toward sensitives in our midst began to take shape in his mind, he first presumed that environmental electromagnetism could influence some people’s perception of phenomenon occurring nearby; an idea which, in truth, is not so far removed from modern studies that link electrical fields with allergies suffered by hyper-sensitives. By 1845, this would lead him to the formation of a new hypothesis: that there was a singular sort of “bio-field” produced by all plants, animals, and of course, human beings, which he called the Odic Force, so named for the famous Norse ruler of Asgard.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

2 Replies to “The Odic Force: An Early Scientific Case for “Sensitives”

  1. yes,it is about the past much of the research in this area was badly flawed and lacking.electromagnetism seems to be the key to a lot things like antigravity,propulsion,dark matter,dimensional phasing and so much more which scientist acknowledge but are still mostly would take to long to print all evidents like esp,psi.but i believe the human race are like infants in many areas especially this one.we seem to be developing at a rate we can handle,in the past such technology and powers of the mind would have surely destroyed us.but as we get more mature and spiritual(not religious)these abilitys seem to be coming out or we becoming aware of them.our own govt. has a program of farseeing or such and with much the future we will find out all things are connected by/though an unseen world or dimension,do not laugh for what is the real truth,not the truth viewed though a persons beliefs,insecurities, a hundred years we will look back and laugh at how nieve,ect,ect,ect we once were..

  2. David Wilcock (Source Field Investigations) writes about how our DNA has light properties as well as being material in nature – with the capability of ‘jumping’ in and out of our dimensions. Couple this with the fact that the pineal, within our brains, in total darkness, has the same make-up as (and is tied into) our optics and we see much that is left to be explained about human capabilities. We are light beings and percieve reality as we do by way of the brain’s unique functionality. I’m ready for more understanding of these things and we need to share that knowledge freely toward a more enlightened development as human beings. So much work yet to do…
    Thanks for the push.

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