Some Thoughts on Transhumanism and the Synthetic Universe

No one who has ever attempted to hone their craft as a writer ever benefited from merely having praise heaped onto them constantly. In fact, there are some studies showing that those who take criticism well show better job performance … Continue reading

The Singularity is… Anonymous?

Over at the conspiracy and UFO-themed video site, the video above was featured recently, which discusses the coming technological “singularity.” By the year 2045, the video claims, rapid increases in technological growth, along with the integration of such applications … Continue reading

30 Odd Minutes with The UFO Singularity

I was recently a guest on Jeff Belanger’s television program, “30 Odd Minutes,” which is a fun, lighthearted show dealing with a lot of great and interesting topics. Check out this live broadcast, direct from the Captain Jeff’s mothership, as … Continue reading

Enabling the Disabled: Restoring Movement with Machines

By Caleb Hanks Former fiction murder/mystery writer Jan Scheuermann has, for the last 10 years, lived a in a motorized wheelchair, unable to move except for her head and neck. But despite being diagnosed with spinocerebellar degeneration, Schaeuermann is now … Continue reading

Some Thoughts on Evading Temporality

By Micah Hanks Over at the Mysterious Universe blog, my fellow researcher Nick Redfern recently did an article on “Time Traveling Ufonauts,” in which he speculated on how the appearance of some UFO and MIB-related phenomenon could actually stem from … Continue reading

The Eye of the Beholder: Technology in Foresight

By Micah Hanks On the most recent edition of The Gralien Report Podcast, I spent a good bit of time during the first hour discussing how future technologies will soon begin to change the world around us in rather innovative … Continue reading

A Singular Review: The UFO Iconoclasts Discuss “The UFO Singularity”

By Micah Hanks In what I’m proud to announce as being the very first public review of my new book, The UFO Singularity, the fine folks over at The UFO Iconoclasts have procured a very thorough and thoughtful analysis of … Continue reading

Thought Experiments: Could Brain Interfaces Lead to Animal “Communication”?

In the coming years, advanced whole-brain mapping technology and interfaces that may allow connectivity between the brain and computers located externally will likely change the world we know today. Such technologies will eventually begin to allow control of devices remotely, … Continue reading

Entering the Memory Mine: Unconventional Methods of Memorization

My colleague Chris Heyes, co-host and producer of the weekly Gralien Report Podcast, often mentions how our various exploits remind him of BBC’s popular series Sherlock, which features a modernized rendition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous sleuth. Whether it’s … Continue reading