We’ve all seen films such as Tom Cruise’ 2001 science fiction thriller Vanilla Sky, depicting a world where people are offered services that in the event of an untimely death, your body can be collected and preserved by being frozen. Aside from what we see in films, today this real process is called Cryonics, and its potentiality goes much further than the silver screen.

Although preserving our bodies is now becoming a somewhat commonplace idea in the scientific community, your everyday person on the street may have never heard of it. And thus, here we will point out some of the realities of cryonics to those who may just be getting their feet wet in the realm of “life extension.”

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  1. To me, Cryonics still sounds as an investment as sensible as, say, the insurance against abduction Matt wrote some time ago 😉

    You’re not only basically betting on the possibility that science & technology will advance enough to make the regeneration of your body cost-effective, but –more importantly– you’re betting that the companies offering this service will endure all the time needed for that to happen. Keep this in mind: PanAm started to offer reservations for trips to the moon in the 1960s –Google ‘PanAm’ if you were born in the 1980s 😛

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