3 Replies to “The Fantastic 5: Your Senses Augmented Via Computers in Five Years

  1. While I think that these developments will be a pretty exciting ride, and that we are so privileged to live in a time such as this, I have to remind that there is a danger about clinging to perishable things, specially those that make life easier and more convenient. In my opinion, the easier our lives are, the less we feel like we’re living. Because, the less chances for us to see ourselves overcoming the hardships of life, the less self esteem we would have. And what if these technologies collapse, due to something as mundane as a power outage? The more we’re used to rely on them, the more we’ll suffer. And we’re already too dependent on electricity…

  2. For the average consumer of the XXIst century, it will be increasingly difficult to determine the right balance of technology one should introduce into our daily routine, even though developers will keep insisting on how easier and/or indispensable their gadgets can be.

    And like S

  3. Hey hey,
    Night fights day.
    There’s food for the thinkers,
    And the innocents can all live slowly..

    As addicted as I am to my gadgets, I can’t think of anything more appalling than a computer substitute for mother child communication.

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