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6 Replies to “Land of the Roamin’ Gnomes: Southern “Little People” and Gnomes Abroad

  1. Very compelling reading, thanks. Brought to mind a posting about a similar subject by Loren Coleman:

    In Germanic/Scandinavian pre-Christian religion and folklore, these kinds of beings are sometimes considered land and/or house spirits or sprites and are portrayed as fairly difficult to deal with unless appropriately appeased. Given our increasing encroachment and subsequent pollution of remote areas, it wouldn’t surprise me if people began to report more of these sightings. Food for thought, in any case.

  2. For what it’s worth, Micah, (which, I’m afraid, is not very much), this post made me think of a story my first boyfriend once told me, about some creatures who lived in the woods behind one of his cousin’s houses. This was not in the South but the Midwest, although I can’t remember now whether his cousin lived in Michigan, Indiana or Ohio.

    According to my boyfriend, his cousin called these creatures the “shoe stealers” because they were rumored to take people’s shoes — I can’t recall now (if my boyfriend even said anything about it) as to whether this was supposed to be known in various households in the neighborhood, or just his cousin’s house, or if his cousin and his parents lived alone in some isolated rural area.

    Anyway, my boyfriend claimed to have seen these things once when visiting with his cousin. As he described it, the two of them were looking out the window on a gloomy day toward the woods behind the house when several “Jawa-sized” (his words) humanoids in black robes came out on the fringe of the woods, paralytically holding out their hands and shuffling around as if looking for something. My boyfriend says he got freaked out and got away from the window right quick, so he couldn’t tell anything more about it.

    I never was sure if he was serious about this, and I asked him about it several times afterward. His story never changed, and he never did relay it with the little smirk that usually gave him away when he was trying to yank my chain. To this day I am fairly well persuaded that he was sincere about at least believing that he saw these things.

    Not that this sheds any light, I know — it is just another little grain of sand to add to the castle of testimony from people who claim to have seen little folks in the forest. But it sure strikes me as curious that so many people do claim to see them, and have been seeing them for hundreds of years, according to folklore — on this as on so many other paranormal subjects, I can’t help but feel that something must be going on, though I don’t pretend to have a clue as to what that might be!

  3. No, there is no problem with Gnomes appearing in Argentina as it relates to German Folkloric origins; they were brought over via Operation Paperclip (Joint CIA(OSS/JIOA) /NAZI/Vatican) as they were enslaved for use on subsequent Nazi Genome (G-nome) and MK Projekts along with Joseph Mengele (Dr. Green-leprechaun?)…

    With the above half truth, half tongue in cheek aside, in truth, the name for the gnome (or similarly described being) in south and central American countries is the “Tata Duende” and there is some very intriguing video footage of this being (s) posted on youtube (see link below – other than the one you mention here in this article – and there was another one that has subsequently disappeared – such as footage of a group of 3 or 4 gnomes which at first waited on one end behind some objects were obviously trying NOT to be seen, then dashed across the background of said distracted teens who were busy laughing and talking, all being filmed by another who doesn’t see it at least at first. The footage of the one (see link below) when spotted behaves as if absolutely terrified for its life. In these OTHER videos, they are much smaller and truer to movement and appearance of the traditional description of a gnome, not the foreboding interloper with the large and menacing side step and which looks more like a troll posing as a gnome. If you could see this other video with the one that I can

  4. Quickly want to correct a misspelled and mistakenly used word in my above comment — I said “shall” when i mean’t shawl, however I should have used the word cowl, shroud or cape.

    Also, I’ll take this opportunity to recommend a good resource for gnomes, which happens to be the illustrated book simply called “Gnomes” by Rien Poortvliet and Wil Huygen, who claim in the foreward to have been given permission by real Gnomes to publish the book and is based on their “observation of the local gnome population in Holland”. I have this book and I personally attest the book is extremely worthwhile if you have a sincere interest in researching these wonderful beings.

    Read the editorial reveiw of this book at the following link for a quick but detailed synopsis of the book and the authors…”these friendly nocturnal creatures were only represented in folk lore; descriptions were often incomplete or simply inaccurate. Poortvliet and Huygen, having studied and interviewed gnomes for two decades, set out to fill this gap with their own encyclopedic tome.”

    For Open minded consideration

    And, also, I extend my gratidute for the original article, despite my issues with it.

  5. I feel compelled to share one more comment, in regarding a highly ammusing story I remembered reading a few years ago involving little humanoid creatures described as “white imps” and “dwarves” which vigorously defended a Christmas tree from being taken down, and at one point pelted the police with stones from the tree itself, ultimately forcing them to flee. Considering the location, one might think monkies were involved but the details of what happened in this story (see link below) belie this overly simplistic explanation, and because it took place in Argentina makes it very pertinent to the above article. It also provides added insight into the apparent discerning behavior/nature as well as the potential supernatural feats these small beings are capable of delivering. assuming all is true of course.

    Select the link below and scroll a bit down to the story entitled…

    “Argentina: The Imps Return to Parana”

    Translated by Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology

    Very ammusing story, enjoy =)

  6. In The Sun’s article it said that one Argentinian stated that gnomes were part of their culture there,so they are probably gnomes. Gnomes are known to many around the world and have some sort of culture in it.

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