TGR 12.15.15. The Moon Landing & “M” Shaped Caves


On this episode, we examine recent claims that director Stanley Kubrick helped fake the Apollo moon landing, as well as the disappearance of Kenny Veach, an experienced hiker who went missing in the Sheep Mountains near Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada in late 2014.

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TPR 135: Artificial Intelligence and Immortality


On this edition of The Paranormal Report, Jim and Micah kick things off by looking at recent reports that indicate a surge in UFO reports in the month of June, 2015. The data was supplied by MUFON, as reported on by our … Continue reading

TGR 06.01.15. The Contactees in the Desert


This week on The Gralien Report, Micah is joined by a special panel of guests who discuss the history of the Contactee movement, where peculiar claims of alien contact have been made since the end of WWII.

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