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2 Replies to “‘Sirius’ and the Lineage of Mysterious Alien Mummies

  1. Thank you for an article providing important context and some insightful analyses.

    It will be interesting to see the full data as well as discover the identities of the top experts who concur with Dr. Greer’s assertions regarding the nature and origins of the entity. When that happens perhaps you will explore the idea of interviewing those experts directly. No one can say what has transpired with Dr. Greer, but sometimes caveats and limitations of recognized authorities are overlooked in the enthusiasm to reach a specific conclusion. There is no substitute for unfiltered expert opinions.

    I also look forward to the release of DNA data as a critical opportunity to directly examine assertions of no matches to terrestrial organism sequences. Much depends on the precise methods employed and the quality of the original sequence determinations.

    Hopefully once the documentary is released, Dr. Greer will make an effort to obtain independent corroboration of his results. Assertions are one matter, but producing something tangible for independent assessments and full evaluation by the scientific community now seems essential. It will be interesting to see how Dr. Greer proceeds.

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