Greetings Graliens,

As the odd progenitor of all things strange here at The Gralien Report, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks in a series of rather busy transitions. These range from the removal of a number of personal belongings from the enigmatic Gralien Bunker, having supplanted them into a new residence which my esteemed colleague Red Pill Junkie of The Daily Grail has already dubbed “Gralien Manor” (I suppose this rather eponymous title will remain, for now, at least). Additionally, there has been the addition of a rather brilliant and lovely… well, addition, for lack of a better term (and yet at obvious and intentional risk of being redundant by stating thusly) to the circle of intellectuals that I’m blessed to have surrounding me for guidance and inspiration. Yes, I refer to a lady, and one so fair that her affections might rival the passion held between the poet Ezra Pound and his prolific mistress, violinist Olga Rudge; safe it to say, she’s a welcome addition to the fold (and yes, she had me read all this aloud to her as we sit across from one another in the coffee shop, hammering away at our respective MacBooks).

Even the busiest of Graliens can be afforded simple luxuries, it seems. 😉 But that said, now on to more pressing matters…

Not every transition has been as well received as either of the aforementioned, however; due to a number of minor programing issues, the decision was made to place a sort of “moratorium” on future broadcasts of the still relatively new Micah Hanks Radio Program. One reason for this has much to do with the work load of the author you’ve taken time to read during this sitting; with obligations to two magazines for regular columns I provide (along with a new weekly column appearing in print publications you’ll soon be hearing more about), plus my blogging duties here and at the site of my compatriots Down Under, Mysterious Universe, there is little time left to think, let alone prepare for a weekly, set-in-stone Sunday night radio broadcast. Additionally, the majority of my listeners have been contacting me requesting a downloadable podcast that they can take with them and listen to on the go; this was not something I was capable of providing, given the parameters of my broadcast remaining within accordance of ASCAP and BMI laws pertaining to music I featured. So long story short, my ties with Lan Lamphere, Overnight AM, Clearly Skewed Entertainment, and the Patriot Brigade Talk Radio Network remain strong, since Mr. Lamphere is a great pal of mine (and one who is about as busy as I am, if not more so). However, in order to accommodate my listener’s wishes, as well as to provide content for this site that works with my hectic schedule, a new Gralien Report podcast will soon be made available for download here, complete with all your favorite guests and an entire cast of characters that will be sure to make your listening experience fun and enjoyable.

Finally, with all the business going on here in the twilight world of Forteana that surrounds me, I’ve been a little estranged from regular posts here at The Gralien Report. There are a couple of new book projects in the works presently, in addition to a number of other writing projects that are beginning to emerge from the woodwork. However, you can expect that with the bulk of the important business out of the way, regular posts will now resume here at TGR, courtesy of yours truly.

Warm regards,

Micah A. Hanks
Editor, The Gralien Report

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

3 Replies to “A Brief Welcome Back, and Other Notes and Asides

  1. Better that I devote myself to studying the other great mystery of the universe . . . women.

    Dr. Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown, in Back To the Future II


  2. Lan Lamphere’s best lies:

    “I am honest.” Lan Lamphere is a pathological liar (IMHO) and steals from virtually anyone with who he has contact. Check Lamphere Photography, and other reports from even friends that he has ripped off. He has a shocking number of judgments against him, including robbing bride’s on their wedding day.)

    “I am better than George Noory.” (LMAO! Noory has a huge audience and isn’t a loon.)

    “I could beat Coast to Coast.” See above.

    “I’ve been a photo journalist for 18 years and worked for Discovery and all major networks.” (No online searching can locate any evidence of it.)

    “I hosted “The Edge” radio program on KOKC in Oklahoma City.” (No online searching can locate any verifiable evidence of it.)

    “OvernightAM has between 3000 and 30,000 listeners.” (Complete and utter crap. At its peak, OvernightAM had maybe a few hundred listeners. Recently, it’s been a few dozen.)

    “Many radio stations carry OvernightAM.” (The only radio station that carries/carried his show is a shortwave station. How many people listen to shortwave?…not many. Lamphere purchased air time on some small Colorado stations at one point for a few weeks.)

    “The History Channel, Bill Birnes, OvernightAM, and Lan Lamphere have dispatched a video crew to Mr. Mike’s house to capture a family of Bigfoots living there.” (100% pure weapons grade balonium. Bill Birnes ended association with Lamphere for that. Check the story online. It also completely pissed off all the Bigfoot followers.)

    “In fact, over 1 million people watched the Oklahoma Expeditions episode entitled

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