British UFO researcher Peter Glynn contacted me earlier today about a unique piece of footage he was shown recently, having to do with a series of lights that appeared over an area called Crestwood, near Wales, United Kingdom. According to Peter, this is believed to be “a genuine sighting that cannot truly be explained at the moment.” According to Glynn:

The lights appear to be located either above the Crest Woods, in front of Crest Woods or just behind and above Crest Woods. This was filmed around 3 am. and lasted longer than 6 minutes. The witnesses are utterly reliable as they are not UFO fanatics. I admit that I am a bit of a UFO hunter. What makes this credible is the evidence of the boys. 3.00 am UK time on 3rd January 2012. Good film and good witnesses to an unexplained event.

“It’s amazing,” one of the witnesses can be heard saying during the filming. “I can see the saucer.”

What are the origins of the object (or objects) in this video? Are they intelligently controlled, and though capable of being filmed, are there other variables in terms of what the witnesses were able to perceive with the naked eye, versus what the camera managed to capture? Also, despite the initial witness attempts to contact local news sources, were there others nearby who may have seen the strange objects over Crestwood? I’ve asked Peter to pass along any further information he may have about the encounter as his investigation continues, and any results we receive will be posted here for consideration. In the meantime, what are your thoughts?

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

22 Replies to “Was A Genuine Unidentified “Saucer” Filmed Over Crestwood?

  1. At face value it appears credible. The family speech doesn’t seem orchestrated, and other than the younger child being prompted about the length of time the object was observed – his statement of ‘I forgot’ could be an indicator of a script; although I don’t feel this is necessarily the case. Overall it doesn’t appear to me to be contrived or rehearsed.

    Technical analysis is way beyond my purview, but in a lifetime around military and civilian aircraft the object they filmed resembles nothing I’ve ever seen.

  2. I would like to know if more neighbors managed to watch the lights, or even just hear the ‘bang!’ that caused the young cameraman to look out his bedroom window.

  3. Fascinating. This needs to be professionally analysed as soon as possible. The video looks to be of very poor quality (not the witnesses’ faults, of course), so there may well have been features visible to the naked eye which the camera failed to pick up. A great pity this event didn’t happen in daylight! It might have constituted the undeniable evidence Richard Dolan talks about. On the other hand, it could just be a hoax.

  4. By the way, I live in the UK, and I just recently discovered your podcast by way of Mysterious Universe. Love your work! Very entertaining and thought-provoking.

  5. “It might have constituted the undeniable evidence Richard Dolan talks about. On the other hand, it could just be a hoax.”

    I’m sorry to say I beg to differ, Alan.

    One should be mindful in the distinction between “evidence” & “proof”.

    Currently there is a MOUNTAIN of very compelling evidence supporting the reality of the UFO phenomenon. But undeniable, incontrovertible proof? if we are sincere, we must answer No.

    The most annoying thing about it is that so-called skeptics fail to acknowledge the semantic difference, so they equate ‘evidence’ with ‘proof’. That’s why they are so fond of saying things like “there is no evidence that UFOs are real”.

    The Latin root of the word evidence is Evidentia, meaning something that is ‘clear to the eyes’, or for everyone to see.

    But as long as skeptics and cynics keep looking the other way, they will always dare to deny it.

  6. Where exactly is Crest Woods? I can’t find it on any online map and saying it’s “near Wales” isn’t very helpful.

  7. Great piece of on-the-spot, informal reportage by Peter Glynn. As a Brit who’s had some professional broadcast media experience, I would say that this family’s reports and responses are exactly what they appear to be: truthful, unscripted, natural.

    It’s also hard to see how these lights could be hoaxed. I do look forward though to Peter’s reports of the daylight site examination. A clean bill would clinch it for me. As it is, this phenomenon looks to be 100% the real thing (whether it’s ET or military generated). Yes, this footage needs serious examination asap.

  8. Hmmm…

    I did some stop-frame measurements, and it looks [to me] like these are headlights of distant traffic, passing through a non-linear lens. To the left side, lights pop in with a decided bluish flare (like a distorted lens material might produce), and then as they move more or less rightward, spectrally head toward the red-end of the spectrum.

    The atmosphere under vexingly difficult-to-pin-down circumstances can form just such nonlinear-refraction air lenses. We’re most familiar with hot-pavement mirages, which through their common manifestation are never trotted forth as unusual. However, higher atmospheric phenomenon are moderately widely known, which has resulted in daylight and night visions of distant cities, often “upside down” as well.

    This kind of interpretation rather easily allows for the persistance of this video’s images, the changing nature of their manifestation, the chroma-shifting, and if derived from distant roadway, the general left-to-right track. Moreover, the “flash” that some of he light exhibited would be probable near the edges of the reverse-mirage. Finally, there are a number of lights that appear in very well spaced and time-synchronized pairs. Exactly as you might expect with remote automobile headlamps.

    Occam’s Razor: the simplest explanation is most likely THE explanation.

  9. I think that Crest Woods should be changed to Crestwoods?

    Kudos to Mrs Grimble, for being the kind of person who doesn’t take Internet “facts” for granted 😉

  10. It appears to have been debunked. End of story. I did post a comment about this, but so far, it hasn’t appeared. THe kid was videoing his mates lamping for rabbits at 3 in the morning. The rest is fibs that only the gullible would fall for. (Peter Glynn, evidently being a prime victim!)

  11. Spillage,

    Hold on, slow down! You say “end of story,” but after saying it “appears to have been debunked,” you provide no links to where the information backing that statement can be examined. Do you have access to a link you could pass along for us, or maybe where other information (like the comment you’ve said hasn’t appeared) can be viewed once it goes to print? Without any links or other references to back your own statements, it’s not very kind to refer to Mr. Glynn as a “gullible” type falling for “fibs”! Give us some more details… 🙂

    Also, as an alternative explanation, I like the way Bob Lynch details his own examination in his comment above. Very well done, and regardless of whether that ends up being a plausible answer to the mystery over Crestwoods (thanks for pointing that out, RPJ!), I still like the critical, scientific approach Bob outlines.

    I’m still awaiting more information from Peter Glynn as well, who may be able to provide better footage of the area in the daylight. Then the various other possibilities, whether they be rabbit hunters, headlights, or Graliens on the prowl, may become more clear. Keep up the good work, everyone!

  12. Ooo-er! It looks like I might have been erroneous with the lamping… I can’t get conformation back. There’s another video analysis on Youtube, and it looks very much like head lamps approaching the hillside, from beyond the peak. I’ll paste links if and when I get back to it.

  13. If the initial theory Spillage put forth is correct, a shotgun blast might have accounted for the noise if we were seeing a rabbit hunt. However (and maybe the English among you commenting here can help clarify this!), if my understanding is correct, then shotguns are outlawed for hunting in the UK. Pneumatic air rifles are still used for small game hunts, but not shotguns. If I’m right in this judgement, it likely wouldn’t have been a gun blast (and keep in mind, I don’t think Spillage asserted there might have been a gun blast; just didn’t want to seem like I’m putting words in anyone’s mouth here)!

    And a note about those strange sounds we keep hearing… what can we make of all these? Sure, we’ve heard viral marketing, Waterphone recordings, and a variety of other plausible explanations… but none that clinch the deal for us just yet. So what gives? And finally, if there is any likelihood still that the story my friend Peter Glynn has been researching is anomalous in nature, could the sound the witness heard be compared to those noises heard elsewhere around the globe in recent weeks?

  14. Interesting discussion on atmospheric ducting and cogent speculation on the audio phenomenon here:

    Surfing through the various technophile sites associated with the audio phenomenon, many were credibly debunked as poorly edited recordings of an external broadcast – but not all of them. A red flag for me in the viral videos was the lack of any commentary whatsoever; if I had heard this with any of my buddies there would’ve been a whole slew of ‘WTF is that?’ thrown around.

    Nasa’s atmospheric generators and booster-test platforms,coupled with the above concept of atmospheric ducting may further account for some of the occurrences, but I haven’t been able to determine how long live-fire session’s last.

    Too many curious events; some easily defined, but the answers to others remain elusive and perplexing.

  15. Hi Micah. Just to clarify, it is legal to own a shotgun in the UK, but you need a licence, and in order to get one, I believe you need to be able to prove that you have a legitimate reason for owning one.

    On the subject of strange sky noises, I hope they aren’t heralding the return of Cthulhu and the Great Old Ones. On the other hand I DO hope they’re viral marketing for a movie about the return of Cthulhu and the Great Old Ones.

  16. Hi , fascinating to read all you comments which show how intriguing this video really is. You see approx 17 seconds of the footage. There is around 8 minutes. I put up two further videos trying to establish where these lights appeared by using daytime footage and photographs of the area. The lights appear over Coppy Farm Caves , by Coppy Farm ( google and google earth coppy farm caves). Crest Woods is further up by the Quarry and I was initially best guessing to where the lights appeared in the night footage. The noise according to Nathan was the dust bin / recycling / refuse bin blowing over. It was ‘fierce weather’ , stormy night. He was up watching USA Wrestling and it was not a night before school. He and his brother and mother and another female witnessed the event. The mother had no real interest due to the time ( 3 a.m. and only when she saw the footage next day did she become excited. ) She contacted me about a week later after having no joy with police , MoD , local press , national press. Reason she contacted me is that she knows that I would not dismiss or ridicule her and family and would help try to establish what had occured if at all possible ( call me gullible – oh you already did lol 😀 ). Due to work commitments , I got to see the footage some days later ( 21st Jan). I put up some clips and witness statements asap for consideration. I wanted to show an ‘ordinary’ family. As you may be aware , over 70k hits , mostly positive respose , occasional offensive comments which are left up as balance. I’m heading out to Coppy Farm Caves tomorrow and will post up some footage from that area , esp a back view towards the bedroom window. Peter 🙂

  17. @ Bob Lynch, do you have a map of the area that you can triangulate to see if there is a road there? How about a weather report from that evening? Or is that just a wild guess? That’s not Occam

  18. “Crest Woods is further up by the Quarry and I was initially best guessing to where the lights appeared in the night footage.”

    So is it Crest Woods or Crestwood? :-/

    Another interesting feature, at least for me, is the time of the sighting

  19. A MOUNTAINBIKE of evidence for an extra terrestrial explanation for UFOs?!? Really? Could you care to point out where this mountain is then?

    Cause as far as I, and anyone with an inquisitive yet somewhat skeptical mind, can see, there is nothing but out of focus/grainy videos and still pictures, very little, if any, physical evidence, and a handful of witness testimonies, which is very poor evidence indeed.

    (And remember, a couple of hundred years ago, there was plenty of “eyewitness” testimony regarding sea serpents, krakens and other monsters in the sea. We still haven’t found those, which kinda shows you that eyewitness testimony alone carries very little weight by itself…)

    Personally I WISH there were ET UFOs visiting us. But unfortunately, if that was really the case, I’d expect to see a lot more credible evidence than what we currently have. Of course it’s easy to make a molehill into a mountain if you just believe strongly enough, and ignore enough contrary evidence.

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