This Week on The Gralien Report: Final Proof of Extraterrestrials?

The recent “We the People” petition didn’t manage to make any progress regarding final proof that extraterrestrial life does actually exist… while we’ve addressed this on recent editions of our weekly program, this week’s show may offer something that DOES … Continue reading

Art of the Anomalous: Does Interest in the Unexplained Promote Artistic Abilities?

According to a recent article featured at the Science Daily website, there are links between those who have musical abilities and reading ability. “New research published in BioMed Central’s open access journal Behavioral and Brain Functions shows how auditory working … Continue reading

Book Review: Cowden’s “Spirit Voices” Makes Us Want to Listen More Carefully

So far as my own involvement with researching the unexplained, I’ve always tended to be multidisciplinary. While writing articles for magazines about cryptozoology, I would be spending my weekends enthralled with psychic research. Or while studying UFO eyewitness reports, the … Continue reading

The Psychotic Skies: Do Incidents of “Air Madness” Reveal Cause for Concern? (Updated)

We’ve all heard of altitude sickness before, and even of the sort of light-headed sensations that can sometimes occur while ascending to great heights while traveling by air. Maybe you’ve even seen that classic episode of The Twilight Zone where … Continue reading