Let’s face it: nothing about stereotypical alien visitations is particularly welcoming. The notion of black-eyed, android-like insect-people entering your bedroom at night and whisking you away to be submitted to painful, freaky and intrusive examinations aboard a spacecraft isn’t the kind of thing most people accept as comforting. And yet, in spite of all the creepiness that accompanies the abduction experience, one of its stranger elements is the often under-reported way aliens allegedly choose to communicate with us from time to time.

Communication is a fundamental condition for humans. When it occurs on what could only be described as an otherworldly basis, however, the comfort we normally derive from the feeling of nearness to another can be overridden by the shock of something strange and unexplainable. How do you think you would react if you learned that the strange, mumbling voice on the other end of your telephone line had been an entity from another world? Based on the encounters of those who have claimed to experience this phenomenon first hand, it might not be well.

An article appearing in Fate Magazine a few years ago sought to examine this phenomenon, considering whether people were capable of receiving what might be considered “the ultimate long-distance call.” Author Preston Dennett related, for instance, the story of quantum physicist Jack Sarfatti, who claimed that a mechanical sounding voice had begun calling him back in the 1950s, promising to entrust him with some brand of clandestine information later in life.

Similarly 1977, Betty Andreasson, the abductee who was later featured in Ray Fowler’s book The Andreasson Affair, also had an odd experience while talking to another abductee, Bob Luca, whom she would later marry. As they were speaking, Andreasson heard a third voice in the background, which began chattering at them in a strange, “musical” language. Strangely, she claimed to understand what the voice (or voices) were saying. Later on the evening of the phone call, Andreasson claimed not only that she was abducted by her alien chaperons, but that they warned her something terrible would soon happen; sadly, the alien prediction occurred only 48 hours before two of her children were killed in an accident.

Andreasson’s claims, if true, illustrate not only what the witness perceived as mechanical communication from alien beings, but also an instance where psychic predictions were reportedly passed along to her. Many abductees report having this sort of a psychic connection with their strange captors; another who described having psychic connections with aliens is Whitley Strieber, who specifically talked about this in his book Communion. One of his “visitors,” which he took to be an older female, had communicated psychically with him, and even seemed to have some sort of a connection with him spanning many years, which he referred to as being almost motherly. But there were other instances where Strieber’s communications with entities not of this world also occurred mechanically. On one occasion, Strieber claims he and his wife had heard a voice, which began speaking to them using their radio. After making a number of odd statements, the unsettling voice told the Striebers, “I know something else about you.” (Editor’s Note: This incident, reported in Strieber’s book Communion, occurred in the family’s living room, rather than while traveling in their car. Thanks to Red Pill Junkie ofThe Daily Grailfor clearing this up!)

Another instance involving claims of intercepted alien signals appeared at the website alien-ufos.com, in a post titled “contact through my cell phone.” The “contactee” in this instance had been at the dentist, at which time strange noises began to emanate from an unseen location. “What the heck are those sounds” The dentist said, entering the room. “Sounds like they are from a space ship.” The witness continues:

He left the room and I kept hearing the sounds and tones…hummings and tones. The technician came in and said the same thing….this went on for five minutes. Finally I looked at my cell phone and sure enough the sounds were coming from it. I opened it and there was a strange picture of a a metallic sphere and strange symbols in two columns going vertically down. The technician saw this with me thank goodness. The tones and picture faded and then I looked at my history on the phone and NOTHING had registered. I went to the cell phone store and talked with two technicians and they said it was technically impossible.

Could this have been an interference pattern from machinery in the dentist’s office that the cell phone managed to intercept? This might be more easily accepted, had it not been for the odd looking “symbols” the person describes in their situation. What was really going on here? Aliens dropping a line, or simply a cell phone malfunction? Altogether, it would be ironic if, having used everything from radio signals to high-powered lasers to attempt communication with other worlds, alien beings were capable of using devices like cell phones and car radios to communicate with us. Are such claims simply the result of an overactive imagination paired with garbled voices and a poor signal, or could Earth actually share a party line with extraterrestrials?

Image by lioliz via Flickr.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at info@micahhanks.com.

6 Replies to “When E.T. Phones Home: Aliens and Creepy Communication

  1. is true that aliens exist or not pliz can you verify this to me cause its like am confused

  2. There’s definitely electromagnetic energy for telepathy to work — it works through the pineal gland emitting and receiving the messages but there has to be a strong electromagnetic field emanating out of the pineal gland. It’s experienced like an energy of ripples extending out into people around you and then the pineal gland will transduce the electromagnetic signals for your own brain perception.

    I actually corresponded with quantum chaos math professor Ian Stewart about telepathy in regards to his book “Evolving the Alien” published about 5 years ago. Ian writes about the “quasi telepathy” of electrical fish using the ampullae of Lorenzi, which, just as with nonwestern shamanism, relies on the potassium potential — CIA mind controller Dr. Andrija Puharich made the same argument as a “magnetic momentum” of psi plasma.

    Anyway Professor Ian Stewart didn’t believe in paranormal telepathy but insisted that quantum chaos qubits would enable telepathy in the future. Of course the machine will be in control in that case, as I summarize in my Actual Matrix Plan expose —

  3. Of course, there could be a more prosaic answer than telepathy: implants.

    Once I was convinced by Dr. Roger Leir’s discoveries that implants are real, I had assumed they were used for tracking abductees for future abductions. but Dr. Leir, among others, has found that an implant is broadcasting radio frequencies. At least one implant was determined to be emitting a radio signal at 14.749650 MHz. This implant was also emitting on the ELF and microwave bands.

    To me this certainly puts a new light on implants, and I think they are more than trackers. An excellent starting place on implants can be found at Phantoms and Monsters, http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/2010/09/discovery-of-embedded-object-metal.html

  4. The receiving half of the telepathy thing can be explained by microwave audio induction — at least in some cases. This is well within the means of mere humans.

    By the by, this discussion jives with another one I read recently. Apparently, one of the driving forces behind a number of electronic communication technologies (radio, telephone, and telegraph were noted) was a desire to speak with the dead. http://totaldickhead.blogspot.com/2010/08/interview-with-laurence-rickels.html is the discussion I’m referring to.

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