I received an email in the wee hours of the morning from my fellow researcher and correspondent Red Pill Junkie, blogger for The Daily Grail, alerting me to the fact that WikiLeaks HAS in fact released information about UFO activity.

The news comes from Ghost Theory, where my pal Javier writes: “Yuriy Zhadobin, who was Chairman of the intelligence service of the former Soviet Republic of Belarus, is quoted stating that they no longer chase or investigate paranormal phenomena due to the breakup of the USSR and exhausted resources.” The cable in question is said to have origins in the U.S. embassy in Minsk, and “seems to point out the fact that once upon a time, the Soviets did investigate credible paranormal phenomena.”

Granted, in 2009 the release of a plethora of information pertaining to the Russian Navy’s involvement with UFO sightings made headlines; additionally, we have seen books published over the last several decades pertaining to paranormal research undertaken by the U.S.S.R, namely Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder’s classic Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain.

“As we suspected,” Red Pill Junkie notes, “nothing terribly ground-breaking.” Writing for Mysterious Universe, I had noted that “maybe, in the event that more cables appear in the near future… there actually are references to unknown craft and, perhaps,

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at info@micahhanks.com.

4 Replies to “Has WikiLeaks Finally Released UFO Information? Well, Sort Of

  1. Here we go again! As bad we all would like to have some kind of definitive, palpable, hard evidence related to actual extra-terrestrial there is none, at least as far as we know! You commented on the fact that the USSR, when it existed, was conducting UFO investigations…well it only seems natural that in a world where suspicion reigns supreme…would it not seem normal that they would be investigating everything that entered their airspace? If it was an unidentified flying object, that was seen by the Russian people than you can count on the fact the government there would check it out. It might be a spy plane or an investgative reconnaissance mission from an enemy nation. Wouldn’t and shouldn’t nations protecting theiir borders at least investigate those reports that seem most viable?
    It seems, as much as we would like, that those elusive reports of real extra-terrestrial contact may never surface, because they don’t exist.

  2. Of course there was the obvious concern of national defense if those unidentified flying vehicles were enemy aircraft. But let’s not forget the more high-strangeness cases that are also part of Russian UFOlogy. I for one can still remember the great impact the Voronezh case caused all around the world; and unless the American Air Force employed three-eyed giants to pilot their spy planes, that case needs to be addressed as evidence of non-human intervention.

  3. I would be very suprised if anything UFO came to light from Wikileaks. Anything as super secret as government communications about UFO’s would be so classified as to never see the light of day (especially in a wistle blower website). I look forward to the day when we have hard evidence about extra terrestrials, but I don’t think that day is coming soon.

  4. The fact that the Byelorussian government no longer tracks any sort of paranormal phenomenon is prefectly logical. After the collapse (really, during the Soviet years as well), these Soviet satellites were not much better off than third world countries. Post-USSR, ex-Soviet bloc states are now trying to build up some sort of credible economy. Why would a government that has difficulty functioning at the basic level spend extra revenue on the search for extraterrestrial activity? I also think that it would be obvious that a country such as the USSR had every reason to investigate interstellar paranormal activity. Space race anyone? I can’t wait to hear the next governmental leak! This is starting to feel like the X-Files lol!

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