Gralien Report Daily News for March 28, 2013

Below are today’s Fortean Headlines… New book re-examines debate over the famous Turin Shroud Our pal Lee Spiegel at the Huffington Post laments the media’s failure to accurately report UFO news Jasper Woodsman says famous “Bloop” sound is still unsolved … Continue reading

Lunar Junk: Searching for the Remains of Civilizations on the Moon

There are a number of popular conspiracy theories abounding today that involve Earth’s moon. While some the likes of John Lear have alleged that there are literally trees and other kinds of flora growing there, in addition to buildings constructed … Continue reading

“Railroad Plank” Added to List of Weird Objects on Mars?

First it was “Bigfoot” seen in mid-stride dodging from behind a rock outcropping earlier this year… followed by speculation surrounding “Danish Mermaids” and finally giant “crudely drawn smiley faces” on the surface of Mars. Now, appearing in a NASA photograph … Continue reading