This week on The Micah Hanks Program, we launch into this week’s news with a look at the European Space Agency’s ambitions to study our Sun. Meanwhile, something odd is sending messages to Earth… are we getting any closer to solving the mystery of fast radio bursts?

Then later in the program, there is perhaps no place in paranormal lore that has attracted more attention than Skinwalker Ranch, a property in Utah that is renowned for being a “hotspot” for UFO and other unexplained activity. Joining us to discuss the ranch and its odd history is journalist MJ Banias, an author whose work regularly appears in Popular Mechanics and VICE, and whose latest feature piece for the latter publication chronicles his trip to the fabled Utah ranch location. Banias is the author of The UFO People: A Curious Culture, and was a contributor to the anthology UFOs: Reframing the Debate. MJ’s work has also been featured in Fortean Times, Mysterious Universe, and FATE Magazine.

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