2 Replies to “Sugru: Molding a Renewable Future

  1. Great article Caleb! i especially love that it confirms, once again, a pet thesis of mind – namely, that my mom is at the absolute cutting edge of all things techno. My round-shaped, glasses-wearing, retired with two cairn terriers mom sent me info on this wonder product about one and a half years ago – much earlier than this article written by young, handsome, music-composing bro of uber-cool paranormal wunderkid! 😉

    heehee! to you point on consumerism. I’ve sewn some to most of my own clothes since i was in junior high, i’m now 50 years old. When ‘fast fashion’ and NAFTA became influences in the 1990’s home sewing took a big hit.

    But in the last few years home sewing is one of many DIY pursuits having a big resurgence. Face it, when i sew for myself i get better quality, nicer fabric, clothes that actually fit, last longer, style/details/color exactly how i like, etc. Plus it’s fun, no sweatshop construction (save for some fabrics, which i try to avoid when i can), and i have a unique garment.

    Mom has made a couple of repairs with her batch of Sugru and she loves it! Happy Saturday, steph

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