Seldom do most of us in ufology circles get to enjoy the sort of presentation that the video above details; here, we are treated to an outstanding presentation at the recent TEDX event in Brussels where physicist, computer scientist and UFO researcher Jacques Vallee takes a few minutes to describe “a theory of everything (else).”

In addition to discussing physics and space-time in a non-dimensional, illusory way, he does touch briefly on subjects here that include synchronicity, UFO cults, and a number of other fascinating subjects. Providing a bit of commentary on Vallee’s work, my colleague Dr. Maxim Kammerer notes at his blog that:

“Vallee (illustrates) that the universe is a subset of a meta-information structure. This is the first insight on which to build a physics of the future. Another foundational point is that dimensions are control artifacts, and we should do away with them in the physics of the future. Lastly we should recognize that consciousness by traversing information associations creates the illusions of space and time. Thus, in a physics of the future which will unify Relativity and quantum physics, the very ideas of space and time will have to be abandoned, being recognized as approximations rather than actual properties of the world.”

Indeed, it seems that bridging the gap between Relativist and Quantist perspectives of our universe may rely on such bold thinking… thus, it’s great to see a well-respected ufologist provided with time to address such things in a well respected (and well attended) forum such as this.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

6 Replies to “Jacques Vallee on “A Theory of Everything (Else)”

  1. Dr. Vallee’s Brussels talk is clear evidence that his is one of the keenest and sanest intellects among an entire generation of so-called Ufologists. He is also one of the most careful thinkers in the field as well. It is refreshing to see a person of his stature basing his ideas on synchronicity and related phenomena on the solid foundations of theoretical physics and information sciences, yet with an approach that expands the known boundaries of knowledge. The Brussels talk would seem to suggest that Vallee’s legacy will be that of a scientist who was interested in UFOs, not a Ufologist who just happened to be a scientist. Perhaps only the next fifty years will reveal just how penetrating Vallee’s insights actually are…

    Dr. Maxim Kammerer

  2. Excellent tape, thank you, always a pleasure to hear from the brilliant Dr. Vallee. Always a man ahead of his time.

  3. Even if his educated considerations about coincidences and synchronicities(which tons of us the “so-called” uflogists as Dr. Kammerer call us, could testify) don’t lead us very much further, I’m happy to see again him “on the road again” !


  4. After viewing this presentation by Vallee, I am rather more dubious. His comments on coincidences vs. Jungian “synchronicities” I find without adequate substantiation to be considered either scientifically objective or of real significance. In fact, I found the entire speech to be rather disjointed, and could have used a clearer explication of the idea of the physical universe being an informational entity of sorts. Sort of a hodge podge of data points, not necessarily either genuine or actually connected. Not one of Vallee’s better presentations, IMHO.

  5. As you know, I am very much a proponent of the “universe as a subset” of a larger body of information. However, I believe we diverge from the path of truth when we begin to speak of dimensions and other conventions as merely the product of human consciousness as if they were merely “imaginary.” This stems from an all too common (but very seductive) appraisal of consciousness as something that is somehow not a part of hard reality. The brain is a component of the dimensional universe, and therefore is constructed from the same order or laws. The fact that the brain can recognize the concept of dimension is because it too is a child of the same informational matrix that gives rise to the very dimensionalism that it recognizes and observes. You could say that the brain’s ability to recognize dimensionalism according the inner matrix of its dimensional construction is a convincing proof for the validity of dimensionalism, just as the physical brain’s ability to recognize the information contained in a photo as a representation of a real physical object is proof of the hard physical accuracy of the pattern of information contained in the photo’s image. One can no more assert that dimensions do not really exist than they can say that the brain which just conceived that assertion does not exist either! Dimensions are expressions of differences: differences between “here” and “there” (spatial), and “then” and “now” (temporal). These differences are both perceivable and measurable by us, and so we can certainly say that measurability is proof of dimensionalism. Since all effects in the universe are a product of processes, and since processes require a procession of what is happening “now” and what happens “next,” then processes cannot exist without time. Were time to be collapsed into a singularity (i.e., eliminate any difference between then and now), then no processes could take place, and the universe would cease to be. The very talk given by Dr. Valle relies on a progression of time which permits each word to be sounded out and to take its proper sequence so the pattern of its information can be recognized as meaningful and coherent by an equally dimensional brain. It’s like sawing off the tree branch you’re sitting on. And these processes were progressing long before the human brain came into existence (i.e., uranium decayed at the same steady rate pre- and post-human). In fact, without the processes that led to its formation, and the time needed for their progression, the brain would have never came into existence at all! To propose that dimensions are just imaginary creations that somehow came into existence only after the human brain developed is, in my opinion, to have wandered so far along a speculative journey as to have lost sight of the dimensional foundation from which that flight of fancy was first launched.

  6. Interesting lecture! Coincidence only proves that the universe has order and is cafefully planned at all times. The true nature of the universe is something that we will one day be able to explain better than we are able today especially with the help of computers and information technology, but I

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