This week on The Gralien Report, conspiracy claims abound from the DNC, where some have likened the unrest to a “Cold War-era spy novel”. By the end of this election, all the maddness may very well have Micah spontaneously transmogrifying into a giant Pacific barking salamander, and diving beneath the nearest log… but apart from the known species of giant (and yes, barking) salamanders in the Pacific Northwest, could there be something much larger, particularly around the Trinity Alps? Some have claimed to see salamanders as large as three feet in length, which is roughly the size of some Asian species. Could they exist in the Northwestern Americas as well?

We examine this, as well as the latest science behind spooky action at a distance, and why this is redefining how we envision quantum mechanics. Then in the second hour, along with listener emails and other general commentary, we revisit the search for answers behind alleged “mystery satellites” that were observed back in the 1950s, as discussed on an episode a few weeks back. What do these strange objects have to do with the peculiar phenomenon of long-delayed radio echoes, and furthermore, why does this have some researchers talking about “alien probes” that may exist even further out in space?

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

One Reply to “TGR 07.25.16. Giant Salamanders and Signals From Space”

  1. I want to leave this comment for people who have said Graliens are not as skeptic about science and recommend you listen to skeptiko with Alex Tsakiris but know that it doesn’t deal with the same topics that Micah does, but has a lot of science related skepticism. And as more of a Gralien follower I want to show people we here at Gralien Report are in fact just as skeptical about things science says.

    Scientist Dr. Sean Carrol is one of many hardcore materialists who has stated life has no meaning. First of all I would like to point out science is not a method for deducing meaning and will give an example. Lets say our planet explodes and the only thing that survives is a baseball and an alien life form who uses our method of science happens to find this object. Ok now they will only be able to prove what is observable like the shape and material make up of the baseball. Science as it is will not/cannot give them an understanding of why the object was created, what the object was used for, nor prove its purpose, because mere observation and testing cannot deduce meaning. For a more realistic and provable example I want anyone interested to find an archeologist opinion of arrow heads and spear heads even ax heads and what you will find is that these archeologist will say that although we perceive these things to be tools and weapons based on our understanding of current tools resembling these objects we cannot say without a doubt that these objects are in fact what we theorize and we can never be 100% positive about what they were used for unless there exists ancient writings/hieroglyphics explaining/demonstrating their use, or unless information was passed on verbally about their use, or unless we find animal bones that have been pierced through by these objects; and even then it is hard to say for 100% sure we know why these things were created or what they truly were used for in many cases especially going back beyond written history. Just as a scientist cannot tell you the meaning of a painting by studying the canvas, paint, and brushes used to create the work of art, they cannot tell you the meaning of life. It actually may be correct to say life is meaningless by scientific standards but the proper way to say this would be meaning is not within the realm of science as it currently exists and any scientist who starts to claim science can do things it cannot do is either delusional, a part of a dogmatic system of belief, or a flat out liar. We as the people need to be educated on the scientific process, the limits of observation, and just how much historical evidence has been used to reach what are theories and assumptions that do not have actual provable data to support them. But I would like to make this statement that I have seen no provable evidence that through observation and scientific processing meaning can become 100% clear. And I do understand like with a bullet that residue can be left so say they find the baseball and find wood, metal, and D.N.A. on the surface it still cannot prove they used aluminum or wooden bats or hands to throw/hit the object for a game, it only proves these things have come into contact with the object using force. Again it doesn’t give us the meaning behind the baseball or the residues left on it. Just that these things came into contact with each other nothing more.

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