This week, we present an “extended edition” of The Gralien Report, with a surprise, special feature later in the program (but more on that later). we begin our week’s journey through space-time with the discovery of a rare copy of the Declaration of Independence found in England, and an all-star team of ‘Ancient civilizations’ who are joining in an effort to protect their heritage from terrorism. Also, what’s the story with this new variety of Aurora researchers have given the enigmatic name ‘Steve’?

We also spend a bit of time looking at some of the “scientific” claims of Max Loughan, a thirteen-year-old youth described by many as “the smartest kid in the world”, who recently suggested CERN might have destroyed our universe. Could this explain the so-called “Mandela effect”? We argue that Max’s ideas are more philosophical than scientific… but is this enough to justify some of the attacks leveled against him by many hardened skeptics? We think not, and delve into the reasons why we think we need more kids like Max.

Elsewhere, the “Hobbit” hits the headlines again, as continued debate over the mysterious Homo Floriensis raises questions about human origins. We take a moment to compare the creature dubbed a “Hobbit” to the actual writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, whose fantasy world of “Middle Earth” was perhaps more similar to our own reality than many realize. Simply put, while anthropologists struggle to reconcile how a creature like the real-life Hobbit could fit into our ancient ancestral family tree, Tolkien’s Middle Earth was inhabited by several varieties of humanoid beings who co-existed simultaneously. Is it entirely impossible that this sort of thing might also have occurred in our real world, and hence, that in our past, humans lived alongside similar sub-species of humanoids?

Then, we shift our attention to Gobekli Tepi, which is back in the news after a controversial new study out of Edinburgh University has suggested that Turkey’s most famous ancient site offers proof of a string of meteors that struck the Earth 13,000 years ago.

This week, as a special feature for the public podcast, we are featuring an episode of our subscriber-only “Gralien Enigmas” show, which discusses several instances of alleged “out of place artifacts” and ancient mysteries that include the Piri Reis map, the mythical “Rama Bridge”, and other historical anomalies.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

2 Replies to “TGR 04.24.17. The Real Hobbit: Mysteries of Middle Earth

  1. Graliens I have been on a kick of Mummy film and wanted to share a theory I have that I have heard no one else point out. Two of my favorite podcasters who both are into movies, one actually made a movie, the other I’m not sure if it was Kaleb or Joshua Cutchin? Anyway they described the film alien as a ghost/haunted house in space movie. After watching mummy films it hit me that Alien is a mummy curse film. Humans enter an ancient archeological site where they find a perfectly mummified being and get exposed to a bug. So they took the reality of the bad germ air of a fresh opened tomb and sci fi’ed it up to a giant sized bug which you will notice enters the mouth and bursts from the chest like any airborn germ. this is my own theory and I have found no one else who has stated this. Also HR Giger I found out designed the Space Jockey from an ark type vessel Egyptians drew as a vehicle to take the soul to the other side the same function as the mummy serves. Let me know what you think thanks.

  2. One last thing you will also notice that the face hugger is designed off an air mask the alien comes out the chest not the stomach and as I’ve stated above the aliens are bugs because that is another name for germ. Doesn’t it make so much sense now?

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