It was shortly after 6 PM on January 8, 2008, when witnesses Mike Odom, Lance Jones, and Steve Allen first noticed a series of bright, flashing lights passing through the sky. The lights appeared to be at an estimated 3500 feet, spanning a distance of close to half a mile across the portion of the sky they covered.

The “ship,” as the trio later referred to the spectacle, passed silently through the sky overhead, moving quickly in the direction of nearby Stephenville, Texas. At one point, the lights appeared to shift from two horizontal lines into an odd, vertical orientation. Shortly afterward, the men also saw a pair of F-16 fighter jets pursuing the object as it moved in the direction of then-president George W. Bush’s texas residence. Days later, however, the U.S. Air Force would claim the unidentified lights had been their own jets conducting a routine training exercise.

However, there is compelling evidence that there might have been more going on over the town of Stephenville in January of that year. This week on The Micah Hanks Program, we go in search of answers behind this odd incident, which remains one of the strangest and most compelling UFO events of the modern era.

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