Every now and again, reality television shows manage to capture strange, scandalous, or altogether exciting things on tape, which had been wholly unexpected at the outset of the project. Consider when we see celebrities cornered about a controversial subject, resulting in weeping the likes of a Barbara Walters interview. Similarly, the thrill of confrontations between fierce adversaries sometimes causes ratings to fly out the roof; it seems that America’s Prime-Time television watchers love a good controversy.

But what happens if the crew of a reality TV program captures something else on tape… something potentially anomalous? My good friend Javier with the Ghost Theory website posted an article earlier this month about an episode of Discovery Channel’s Swamp Loggers program which featured a strange, primitive structure composed of sticks and leaves which resembled, according to some, a “Bigfoot nest.”

Javier, giving a thorough rundown ranging from a variety of possibilities, concludes that what the Swamp Loggers found was more likely to have been created by a bear (as bears throughout the Americas are known to make “beds” or “nests” similar to those associated with Bigfoot). The Ghost Theory article can be read by clicking here… But in the meantime, are there other explanations we should consider as far as what could build structures such as these?

There are inherent problems with the study of bedding areas and shelters of this sort, based on the perspectives from which the discoverers are likely to view the circumstances. While proponents of Bigfoot’s existence would argue they are similar to nesting areas constructed by primates, in most cases they just as easily could have been prepared by bears (I say “prepared” rather than “built,” since in many circumstances little or no actual construction was involved). However, in at least a few recorded instances, the discovered “nests” have maintained characteristics that resemble an actual structure; almost reminiscent of primitive housing or natural “tents” for protection from the elements, as well as camouflage. In these circumstances, it would seem less likely that a bear “had a hand” in the construction process, but rather, some creature that actually has hands (pardon the pun) needed for grasping and manipulating materials.

With this in mind, I propose another theory: what if at least some of these structures were actually built by humans? If so, what purpose would primitive-looking structures of this sort serve in remote locations throughout the Americas, especially to people like you or I?

Truth be known, there are many hunters who prefer to use homemade structures similar to those described as “ground blinds” for camouflage, rather than the typical store-bought variety (following this link will show you what a manufactured ground blind looks like). Much like a small tent, these portable, pop-up enclosures provide easy concealment for hunters when hunting turkey or deer. However, some folks prefer to build their own on the spot, whether it be for the sake of saving money, or simply for purposes of enjoyment. Below is a video that details the construction of a simple ground blind of this sort, although the structure featured here has no roof, and clearly was intended solely for camouflaging:

To suggest that hunters sometimes build primitive ground blinds in this fashion is not to detract from the argument that Sasquatches, if they exist, may build simple shelters on occasion. After all, the point made in the video below is that some of these structures, upon discovery, are surrounded by scat which some believe was left by the Sasquatch creatures themselves. This seemed to be the case with the Swamp Loggers‘ discovery too, where large quantities of scat were found in and around the “nest.” It would seem unlikely that hunters were blessing their ground blinds with bowel movements in this manner (no matter how effective this may or may not be in masking their scent from wildlife in the area… sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at info@micahhanks.com.

3 Replies to “Mysterious Bigfoot “Nests”: Another Explanation?

  1. There is yet another explanation, which in some cases is more appropriate and even more easily overlooked. I have a friend who is blackfoot. One day I was perusing video of what were supposed to be structures built by bigfoot, but about two weeks later in looking at some of my friend

  2. Organelle,

    That is a fascinating explanation as well… and again, it points to one other way humans could be associated with these structures, rather than Bigfoot creatures; in some instances, at least!

  3. The problem with the advocates of Bigfoot “nests”, is that they are working on premises based on flimsy assumptions. We’ll only know for sure if Bigfoot has the intelligence and/or need of building a provisional night shelter, if somebody actually catches Bigfoot in the process of building one

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