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9 Replies to “New Developments in JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory

  1. I don’t know Micah, it might be a bit tough for me to find a picture of Johnson on a toilet but I’ll try. 🙂

  2. Playing a bit of devil’s advocate here: This anecdote, if true, doesn’t really confirm that there was a conspiracy cooked in the highest echelon of power to murder JFK; it just shows that Johnson was hysterical and not in full control of his senses. The man might have been a manic-depressive.

    On the other hand, it might show that, if there really was a conspiracy, that Johnson was not part of it; at least at the beginning of it.

  3. Just found this other new development in the JFK plot controversy:

    “Iconic Photo Of JFK Assassin Oswald Was Not Faked, Professor Finds

    ScienceDaily (Nov. 6, 2009)

  4. Hey RPJ,

    Yeah, I agree that there is a possibility LBJ might have just suffered from something along the lines of manic depressive disorder… would he necessarily have had to be involved in a conspiracy to express irrational fear immediately after JFK’s assassination? He was no doubt in shock, although there are many stories that talk about the odd ways LBJ tended to handle stress, etc.

    Also an interesting bit about the photograph of Oswald holding the gun you found… it’s amazing that so many decades later “fresh” evidence continues to stream forth about this mother-of-all conspiracies.

    Here’s one more:

    Was the official time of death reported by the Warren Commission a fabrication to ease Jackie’s concerns for JFK’s mortal soul?


  5. [Addendum]: what kind of cacamammy Catholicism do you practice in the Sates, anyway??

    The last rites cannot be perfomed if the person is already dead. Not even if recently dead; the priest needs to confess you, so you may cleanse your soul before facing God during your final judgement. I imagine a corpse would be quite reticent to utter its sins…

    That’s why in all those old b&g movies you see the grave-looking doctor exit the room of the sick character, stating that there’s nothing more left to do, immediately followed by the priest rushing in, for his time “at the at” had come.

    So the charade that JFK was still moribund when he was rushed to the hospital is even more ridiculous. It’s probable the man died instantly after the second shot (from who knows where) pierced his cranium and shattered his brain.

  6. Um… I meant to write “b&w” movies. I’m so used to the “preview” option of your comments @ TDG >_<

  7. Ha ha, it’s okay RPJ! I know how that can go… maybe there’s some way I can update the comment features here as well. I should comment more at TDG myself, since I visit the site every day (it’s my fav).

    I agree… it seems a little silly, considering discrepancies in the official time of death as a result of trying to convince the widowed (or soon to be widowed) Jackie Kennedy that her husband had received last rights.

    In all likelihood, it seems less plausible that he survived long after the second shot, in my mind.

  8. Abandon this line of thought. A more worthy task for intelligence is pursuit of higher certitude of any mode.

    Or fail to participate in one’s perfection through grace. (fail to grow as a person)

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