By now, most of us have heard about the studies linking excessive cell phone use to brain tumors. EM fields created by the mobile devices, in some instances, could cause disruptive health issues, according to researchers, and this data now has many looking to WI-FI internet

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

One Reply to “Electromagnetic Terrorism: A Reality?”

  1. Hey Micah: I just sent you an email but ignore it because I finally got in. Was having login problems with wordpress. That’s an ongoing thing with me.


    You know the old saying, “it’s what you can’t see will kill ya”?

    ‘Our’ government scares me. No, I take that back a little. ‘Our’ military scares me because they keep most of government (politicians) out of the picture so that they can play with their toys the way ‘they’ see fit. Black budget money allows for that.

    I read that article that you were referring to in this article of yours. Actually I posted that article the other day but I know it won’t get looked at strongly enough except by conspiracy theorists. That’s the sad part, it is a conspiracy but only they’ll see it, the rest don’t want to hear it.

    I don’t believe in demons and devils but that’s what I call cellphones, cell towers, high tension power lines, microwaves and wireless laptops simply because, it’s what you can’t see that will kill ya”.

    My bookmarks have probably more cellphone, power line, repeater station links than UFO, alien and the paranormal combined. As well, I own a Gauss meter with an alarm on it.

    Anyway, such things are all tremendously dangerous but nobody seems to care because they’re growing into our technology and think it’s just too cool.

    They really, really think that there are no dangers simply because the government (any government) allows them to be sold. Is that idiotic or what? See, we don’t have to worry about what military is doing, we need to worry about how people think.

    Furthermore, they don’t educate themselves on the subject when they’re confronted with it. Or worse, they prefer to sit in denial because such luxuries they think they can’t live without.

    Meanwhile, those industries are growing leaps and bounds and there’s no stopping them now. They’re too big and represent too much $$ flowing around the world now.

    The sad thing is that ‘our government especially’, knows damn well the dangers of all transmissions of any kind, including microwave so sure, the military can work it as long as John Q Public remains stupid to the truth.

    Back in 1996 I read a great book on the Pineal Gland and radio waves. Woe! That was 12 years ago and still the masses are not privy to the dangers of mobile phones and cell phones.

    It’s almost as if people think that it’s just magic that someone’s voice mysteriously appears in their cellphone, I guess. They’re numb to the truth.

    You would think that when hospitals made cellphones a no, no that there was a pretty good reason besides the fact that they interfere with pacemakers, etc. Nobody bothers to tell the people what action is really taking place that interferes with a patient’s pacemaker. Instead, they just say, “you can’t turn that on in here”. lol

    I worked in an ER, I had to say it constantly but never had the time to ever tell anyone why, in any depth.

    As long as there is an orifice in the body that a transmission can enter, there’s damage being done. It’s not a lot of damage but such things are accumulative.

    The eyes are the most dangerous point of entry since any transmission can go through the eye directly into the brain. Unfortunately they don’t see it coming and that’s their devil and it could kill them before their time.

    One only has to look at the brain cancer spike since the invent of the mobile phone and cell phone.

    So here I sit, I’m 56 years old and I’ve never owned a cell phone – ever! I get reprimanded constantly by my daughter’s teachers for not owning one. Isn’t that absurd. My land line works just peachy keen. My daughter is at least wise enough never to ask for one and she’s 17.

    In 2nd grade, my daughter went to a school that had an electrical power plant right across the street from it. Oddly enough that was the exact same time frame that certain books came into my possession on pineal gland damage, brain cancer, leukemia and the like. We moved pronto so she could go to another school. Most would just blow it off.

    Like I said, they’re numb. By now they’ve heard the words but their brain dead and the words are meaningless. Meanwhile, we all pay the price for their stupidity because the numbers aren’t there that will be proactive – just like the numbers won’t be there is our military plays war games with the devil.

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