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2 Replies to “Dark Matters: Secret Moon Missions and Disinformation


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    kind Mr. Micah,
    my name is Luca Scantamburlo, the Italian freelancer who had contacts with the alleged William Rutledge, who claims to be former Apollo 20 CDR.
    Good comments and nice point of view, yours, on this controversial issue.
    Regarding Rutledge’s testimony, I just want to point out that he never told me to have partecipated to Apollo 19 as a crew member.

    Moreover, if you pay close attention to my interview to him, you will notice that he wrote to me the following words, which I made public, in his answer to my question nr.13:

    Interview With WilliamRutledge
    by L. Scantamburlo (C), May 2007

    And, as the matter of fact, I found later on an official NASA link where there is written that the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (code ASTP, taken place in July 1975) was the Apollo 18, for the Americans.
    Here you are the link (look at the bottom of the page):

    More news are coming on my website, in the next future.

    My best regards to you and to readers
    Luca Scantamburlo

    […] W.R. Apollo 18 was the Apollo-Soyuz project, the honeymoon before a moon landing mission, it was presented as a simple “shaking hands ” mission in 1975. Apollo 19 and 20 were hazardous missions. On long duration flight the helium pressure was too high on the LEM, a security disk had to burst if pressure was going high, but motor was unusable after. So it was changed on Apollo 19 and 20, but not tested in Space before. It was ok, but

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