The song featured above is an original composition inspired by the disappearance of Frederick Valentich in 1978, which is arguably one of the most famous UFO-related disappearances in history.

Valentich vanished while piloting a Cessna 182L light aircraft over the Bass Straight between Australia and Tasmanian on October 21, 1978. Recently released government files pertaining to Valentich’s disappearance indicate that he had told his girlfriend that, if given the opportunity, he would board a UFO craft “if I can take you with me, but never without you.”

All vocals and instruments on this track were performed by Micah Hanks. “Never Without You” is based on the story of Frederick Valentich, Copyright 2012 Micah Hanks.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

3 Replies to “Never Without You: A UFO Inspired Song

  1. ah, Micah, you’re the romantic we thought you were all along 🙂 i’ve often wondered about Mr. Valentich’s sweetie, as well as other ‘squeezes’ who lose their bestest of friends in all types of circumstances. Once the knot’s been tied, of course the public at large will acknowledge the loss. But if you’ve only dated a month or so, or are only 12 or 13, well, what importance can that relationship have had?

    only those two people know, really, though those around can sometimes see. I’m much older now, but in the past couple of years i’ve found out about two old boyfriends……i was Ian’s first girlfriend when we were both 14. Tall, athletic, gorgeous, smart (became a pediatric cardiologist), funny – every excuse to be a real self obsessed jerk, he was the sweetest guy i ever knew. Brain cancer took him, i didn’t find out until he was gone. (My fourth grade boyfriend had brain cancer too, thank goodness all he lost was his hair).

    Another old flame (i was 20) i’ve found out has an extraordinarily nationally influential position in radio, of all things. Suddenly ‘six degrees of separation’ is now more like 1 or 2 degrees for me, if i went thru him to most celebs or political poobahs. But we’ve not spoken in 30 years, and he seems further away than Ian……

    what a melancholy mood you’ve created in me! must be something to that song….steph

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