Micah A. Hanks on The Paracast

I recently appeared as a guest on the well-known and renowned Paracast program, discussing my new book Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule. To listen to the podcast, follow the link below:

NOW PLAYING! February 14, 2010

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Micah A. Hanks on The Paracast — 4 Comments

  1. The only part where I have to disagree with David, is with his certainty that all abduction reports where the abductee is being shown or given information about apocalyptic scenarios are ALL bogus. I wouldn’t be so sure about that; not that I think we have to take much credence to those ‘revelations’

  2. PS: Oh, and his story about his paranormal experience in the Argentinian restaurant was really interesting!

  3. Yeah RPJ, I agree… it seems that (somewhere) I recall hearing that people have expressed the notion that alien abductors seemed to show concern for planet Earth. This even might (peripherally) be validated by books like Robert Hastings’ “UFOs and Nukes,” which details accounts from credible military officials about UFO interactions at missile test sites. Interesting stuff!