Yesterday news was brought to us thanks to Roger Marsh with the UFO Examiner regarding a UFO report filed with the Texas chapter of the National MUFON organization, in which two “creatures” were seen emerging from a landed UFO craft.

Today, yet another story has been issued from the Lone Star State, detailing a similar set of circumstances. However, although the verdict is, of course, still out on the nature of sightings that may or may not be taking place, the similarity of the incidents reported, as well as the demeanor in which they have been issued, may call some skepticism into question, in addition to lending some credibility to each case. Below is the second, most recent report from MUFON in its “raw” and unedited form:

TX, December 5, 2009 – Saw UFO land and occupants come out. MUFON Case # 21000.

I was outside letting my dog take a leak and a couple of fields over (I live in the country) a silver disc with a glow (no other lights) landed. Well, it did not touch the ground, it hovered just above the ground. A platform lowered beneath the UFO and 3 beings walked out. They did not look like typical grays we all see. They walked like humans but were smaller. They were too far away to see any details, but it was obvious they were not your typical gray.

My dog was going nuts and wanted to run towards them, but I grabbed his collar and put on the leash. Since it was late and I was just letting the dog take a leak, I did not have a camera or my phone on me. Once I got the dog under control, I ran – fast – back to the house to grab a phone or camera (whatever I could get my hands on first). By the time I got back outside, there was nothing in the field. Nothing! It was completely gone. I had my dog with me still and let him off the leash. He didnt even sense anything anymore.

Has anyone else encountered this?

I am a professional employeed person. I do not do drugs, dont smoke and only drink for special occasions. I have never had mental issues and I have never believed in UFOs. Never. But I know what I saw. I called a friend of mine the next day who believes in this stuff because I knew he would not ridicule me. Nobody else in my family knows of this, I fear their reaction. He told me to come to this site and post my story.

Here it is.

Simply because a person claims they have “never believed in UFOs” is no reason to assume they know nothing about them. If anything, this witness seems to know at least something about UFOs, as evidenced in the first paragraph where it is stated, “They did not look like typical grays we all see. They walked like humans but were smaller. They were too far away to see any details, but it was obvious they were not your typical gray.”

Indeed, “gray” aliens have become a presence that litters UFO subculture, and are even prominent icons used in virtually all kinds of marketing and media in the United States and abroad. It is very safe to assume that an individual unfamiliar with Ufology (or, as the witness states, at least someone who had previously been a disbeliever) could possibly and, in all likelihood did know what to look for when observing a landed alien craft. This observation, if any credence is to be extended to the claims being made, is of particular interest.

Still, the similarity between the reports, in addition to the relative distance between locations, begins to trend toward one of two things:

  • A series of related incidents in a localized area, or
  • Someone intentionally crafting a story aimed at hoaxing investigators

At the Ghost Theory website, my fellow researcher Javier Ortega muses over this also, where he notes that this report indicates, “the second ‘UFO landing’ in Texas for this month. Could it be mass hysteria, or just some bored person trying to trick MUFON? Regardless, MUFON takes these cases seriously. I wouldn

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

8 Replies to “Rash of UFO Sightings in Texas: Wave or a Wipe-Out?

  1. Thousands of sightings, abductions etc., etc., and not one piece of confirmed physical evidence. After all these years, you’d think at least one gray would drop his cellphone, or forget his keys… Look, as much as I’d like there to be “alien life” visiting earth, I’ve had to fess up to the realization that there is no such thing. Sorry folks, but if your seeing anything wierd, it’s classified military stuff–which you don’t want to know about anyway. So as fun as it is to speculate, it’s probably better for mankind if we’d focus our intellectual energies on solving the problems of the real world.

  2. Lingus,

    I feel very much the same way, as I’ve expressed dozens of times in radio interviews, articles, and other mediums. Although ufology is a hobby and an interest of mine, things like the health care bill presently on the floor, as well as worldwide energy concerns, the dwindling value of the American dollar, the present state of the conflict in the Middle East, and other issues preoccupy my time and interests.

    This, no doubt, comes to the dismay of many in the Ufological community. However, I feel that if indeed we are receiving visits from extraterrestrials, their presence does not appear to warrant concern. Nonetheless, in spite of considering it a “past time,” I respectfully differ with you regarding the presence of what may be something other than “man-made” craft, at least pertaining to the UFO phenomenon. This being the case, although many stamp their foot and cry for “disclosure,” we have received at least a moderate quantity of US government files pertaining to UFOs courtesy of organizations like the FBI and the CIA, which links these to their websites in accordance with FIOA laws.

    This, it seems, proposes that various government organizations have (and no doubt continue) to express at least some interest in the alleged UFO phenomenon, and while the verdict is still out, it nonetheless warrants speculation as to what may actually be occurring in our skies (and as with the Texas reports, occasionally on the ground as well)!


    Micah A. Hanks

  3. I’ve been suspicious of the reports from Texas ever since the pictures of light-trace ideograms were published. That could have been faked by inducing vibrations in the camera and it made little sense to be painting a 3d symbol in the sky that would look completely different to everyone who saw it. I couldn’t wrap my head around that one although I tried.

    Faked internet reports are common enough when you talk about these things. One well known mystery forum — in my opinion, from having interacted with people there for a year — intentionally generates false visits by people with unusual encounters and problems. People on the forum love trashing what they say. The same story shows up over and over when things get slow, changed just enough so people don’t recognize it was authored by the same person.

    But it’s possible that someone read the first account of the encounter in Texas and was only influenced by the way the report was written, adopting some of the style. Easy to do if you don’t write much.

    Yes, I’d like to see more physical proof as well. I’ve come to regard what happens as an interesting personal experience, with results that are real, but dealing mostly with intangible information of no real importance to anyone limited to one planet. If it isn’t fun, I don’t care any more.

  4. Jimmy,

    Sounds like a good philosophy you have there! Occasionally, we do have to allow ourselves to have a little fun, don’t we? 😉



  5. I may give myself away as a devotee of Vallee here, but the complaint noted by the first poster here is representative of the ET hypothesis, which is not the only (and, IMO, not the most likely) interpretation here. Personally, I couldn’t care less whether or not these things are from another planet — and it seems very much that they aren’t.

    Regardless of hoax status, there are several correlations between reports and culture that seem quite important. Greys were terribly uncommon until they started getting represented in the media. During the 1897 wave of airship sightings, the pilots were precisely as one would expect — moustachioed stereotypical american engineer-businessmen. It seems that the entities are doing one of several things:

    1) They are fully hallucinatory (which precludes any physical traces, but does not preclude any interest in the phenomenon)
    2) They are physically present, but use some technology to cause hallucinations in humans (in which case physical traces may exist, but may not be obvious)
    3) They are physically present elsewhere, and manipulate people’s perceptions (in which case #2 and #1 may apply)
    4) They are able to physically conform to different shapes or disguise themselves quite well, and are studying human culture (in which case physical traces may be found, but whatever techniques make their disguise so effective may also correspond to advanced or simply not-invented-here technology, again meaning placement and context of physical traces may not be obvious)
    5) Some combination of the above, or something we haven’t come up with yet.

    The phenomenon seems very much cultural. Even if it is purely cultural, it is still worthy of study. If it is not purely cultural, that neither corresponds to the lack or presence of physical evidence nor to any hypothesis about the origin of these entities.

  6. ENKI-2,

    I have also pondered Vallee’s interpretations, and have felt that there may be an element to the UFO enigma that is somehow representative of a “neighborly” relationship, of sorts.

    This, of course, could entail many things. “Neighborly” in a dimensional sense (i.e. one of Kaku’s proposed “advanced races” which has mastered the ability to warp space-time). Of course, many a speculative physicist questions why, if they are so advanced, these beings would take any notice of us. Nonetheless, just as mankind studies ants–unable to discern the fact that they are being studied by beings more advanced (and physically larger) than they–perhaps we too are being studied, and our box-like human psyches aren’t yet able to grasp the nature of the “others” studying us, if they exist.

    On the other hand, a simpler explanation for why alien-looking visitors might take interest in human activity would involve some stake they have in it; ideally, this would be that they also occupy Terra Firma… but until proven, I accept that this too must remain a theory.

    It provides a good bit of mental floss, however. 😀



  7. All that Vallee psychobabble has already been proven to be disinformation nonsense deliberately spread to obfuscate the ET presence in our solar system.

    The hundreds of whistleblowers who have come forth – from inside the government’s ET involvement apparatus (and whose credentials have been independently verified) – establish conclusively that the Extraterrestrials are not in any sense hypothetical, but are real, are here, and are doing pretty much everything they’ve been accused of doing.

    Is there an occasional sighting of some “secret military plane”? Sure….but there is very much less “X-plane” R&D these days than there was in the 1960s. Today the USAF models planes on computers a lot more than building prototypes for test flight. So that excuse doesnt hold water.

    Are there floating orbs that could be ghostly in origin, disembodied spirits or incorporeal spiritual beings from other dimensions? Sure, why not? But little bitty fairy orbs, glowing in the dark arent what most people are reporting; they see mechanical contrivances in broad daylight.

    Does it matter that most, but not all sighted aliens conform to the “greys” physiognomy? No, since the ex-govt whistleblowers uniformly report that there are multiple alien races – more than a dozen – currently visiting Earth, and dozens more known to exist. That the Greys predominate and what their own particular agenda is is one of the most important questions facing Mankind.

    Some people will deny the facts no matter how tangible and overt the ET presence becomes; to some they will always be “Angels” or “Demons” or some kind of “Mass Hysteria”. Moctezuma was in that kind of denial where the Conquistadors were concerned, and allowed 20,000,000 mesoamericans to be killed off as a result.

    Wake up and smell the Tranya…

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