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2 Replies to “Puppet Looks Better Than “Real Alien”

  1. Maybe, you are too used to a type of ET representation, which is, I remind you, propaganda and construction.

    That is why you find it so familiar and more likely?

    The fact is, their could be millions of ways evolution on other planet could have ended as an intelligent being visiting us.

    ET with Bird, fish, insect or any other kind of features might be just out there, waiting for an official invitation…

    We have been conditioned with books, TV and movies for decades. Keep that in mind.

  2. Hi Richard!

    Indeed, I’ve often wondered if certain “real aliens” might look like anything recognizable to humans at all. It would be interesting, if anything, if they did look exactly how we’d expect…

    Which reminds me of something you said which I can certainly identify with: “We have been conditioned with books, TV and movies for decades.” Isn’t it funny that little “Graliens”; that is, ETs with the “typical” large heads and prominent eyes, didn’t start appearing with regularity in abductions and other reports until the mid to late sixties, around the time of Betty and Barney Hill’s classic instance of abduction in 1961?

    Many reports even into the seventies continued to feature robotic, hairy, glowing, or otherwise unusual-looking aliens. What seemed to really seal the deal with “greys” in my mind was the publication of Whitley Strieber’s Communion… now everyone associates “aliens” with the gal featured on the cover of Whitley’s books (I say gal, of course, because Streiber indicated that he felt the alien depicted on the cover of most popular editions of Communion was a “female” he had been in contact with numerous times throughout his life).

    So what ever happened to the “little green men” with metallic space suits and helmets? What about the robots folks used to see… the “Venusians” those like Adamski and others contacted in the 50s and 60s? You’re right; it seems like what ever we are the most used to hearing about at any point in history, we all tend to expect!


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