In the series of photos featured in the video above, a purported unidentified object was observed during a morning flight over London. The video gives the date of May 25, presumably the date on which the observation was made.

Though the photos are grainy and the object was captured at distance, two lights on opposite ends of a large, gray-colored central structure can be seen. One possible solution might be a grounded structure in the distance, though the cloud deck appears to be visible below the object, indicating it was indeed airborne. It is difficult to discern from the photos, based on the angle and distance from the object, whether it is merely another passenger plane or military aircraft in flight.

Europe has an exhaustive history of objects flying in close proximity to passenger planes and other aircraft, including a recent encounter with a “rugby ball” shaped craft over England that made headlines several times over the last few months. The website UFO Casebook also features a detailed history of UFO and plane encounters.

For more commentary on these photos, as well as the week’s best videos of the unexplained, check out The Paranormal Report with Jim Harold and Micah Hanks.

Little other information was provided via the YouTube account that uploaded the image. If you have information about this video which may include the date, time, flight number, and trajectory of this flight, we’d like to hear from you. Please email us at

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

14 Replies to “What Is This Object Photographed From A Plane Over London?

  1. Reminiscent of all the photos of the Space Needle in Seattle floating above low clouds (or high fog – take your pick) where it looks like a flying saucer instead of the top of a structure because the structure itself is obscured by cloud cover.

    This could well be the same kind of thing, the very top of a ground based structure poking through the clouds.

    Doesn’t appear to be moving. Blow ups far too grainy for any identification, but isn’t that really always the case?

  2. Surely something that keeps perfect station with an airliner like that is going to be a blemish on the window of the aircraft? Looking at the cloud layer below, it must have been taken at considerable height. Also, how do we know it’s over London. 10-tenths cloud doesn’t allow the ground to be seen……..

  3. One close-up looked a bit like an insect. While it is my considered opinion that non-human-made aerial craft exist, could this have been an ant trapped between the two panes of the double airplane window?

  4. Is it an Illuminati craft? Is a great global deception coming our way? I don’t know, but with the plethora of movie and TV shows about ET bombarding us daily, not to mention former astronauts, politicians and military personnel telling us that there is a cover up re: ET (or in the Vatican’s case, that ET is now officially welcome), well, it seems like one big propaganda campaign to me. Of course, I could be making too much of it all.

  5. They are not extraterestrial aliens they are interdimensional intergalactic archons.
    That is why there will never be disclosure. They conquered our world 31,000 o 100,000 years ago during the reign of Atlantis. The Naghammadi texts found in Egypt in 1947 are the only remaining descriptions from ancient times. The archons mind control us and make us destroy each other for their sustenance. We need to research them and destroy their control and send them back to the hell they came from.

  6. This looks like the classic picture of a ship on the ocean, shot from a plane looking down and shooting it from a plane with a digital camera.

  7. This one at least looks like a real object…quite odd.. but WHEN are people going to start using DSLR cameras with basic zoom lens to capture these things???? I know not everyone has one in hand all the time….but EVERY ufo video these days is filmed on a 1998 cell phone……I want some CLEAR HD steady footage of an object….otherwise we are failing as a species with all of this amazing camera technology we have these days……That is all.

  8. 1968 Viet Nam . Witnessed E.T’s. Farming Humans for the Emotional Energys . NOT-Good ! We are being Farmed ! Do You Realy want the Truth ? What will You Do With It ?

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