3 Replies to “Intergalactic Insurance: Is It Worth It?

  1. Proving any abuduction is possible is difficult enough. A personal claim is an uphill battle with accusations of insaniety. With plenty of psychiatrist wanting lifelong victims desiring to take the side of insurance companies.

  2. So I gather this type of coverage doesn’t care about pre-existing conditions, or can a life-long abductee born in a family of abductees also apply?

    And what happens if instead of being kidnapped by pervert planetary prolets your abductors are goblins from the underworld? or pixies from the 5th dimension?

  3. Simon Burgess? That name rings a bell! He’s been running this scam ever since The X-Files first became a global sensation – the company used to be called GRIP, and it most certainly is a blatant scam.

    Many years ago, the tabloids picked up on a press release about a man with one of their policies who, they claimed, had successfully proved, thanks to laboratory testing of something or other, that he had indeed been abducted by aliens, and would now get a payout of millions, the cheque to be presented by Gillian Anderson at a huge press conference.

    Strangely, that was the last we ever heard about it. But they did sell a lot more policies. So if that’s the example of a payout that’s actually been made that you quote, it didn’t happen (two people out of 20,000 policy holders getting one measly buck a year for life doesn’t count as a payout rather than a publicity gimmick).

    I seem to recall that GRIP also used to offer multi-million-dollar insurance to virgins worried about being impregnated without their consent by God in the event of the Second Coming of Christ. I’m fairly sure they’ve never paid out on that one yet either. Though at least they haven’t had the cheek to pretend they were going to.

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