Once again I suspect that feathers of some sort are involved, regarding this recent video posted on YouTube claiming to depict a “UFO” captured during CNN live coverage of the inauguration. The only part of a horse involved, sadly, has to do with how much an equine’s rump we are made to feel like when we find ourselves this desperate to see a dang UFO. But despair not… I think that, altogether, there is far more to the notion of UFOs appearing at large events like the Presidential Inauguration than meets the eye, and the implications certainly aren’t bad. If anything, they present the threads by which we can outline what is nothing short of being a steadily-growing cultural phenomenon.

During the portion of this video where we’re supposed to be seeing a UFO, the object in question clearly flies between CNN’s cameras and the Washington Monument in the background (see image below).

ABOVE: The object in question, extending just beyond the left edge of the Washington Monument in the photo above, can be seen passing in front of structure in this video.

Also, FOX News provides an enhancement of the footage here, making it a bit easier to discern the object as it passes through the foreground.

This video, in my opinion, isn’t really worth spending so much time discussing all to itself. However, there are other facets of this story, particularly the notion that UFO sightings would occur in the skies above our nation’s capital around the time of the inauguration, which are indeed worthy of a bit of… dare I say… probing. FOX News as of 1:15 PM today cites this as “the most emailed story on the FOX News website,” and in the two days since it was added to You Tube, the original compilation has received nearly 15,000 views. Prior to the inauguration, the internet had been alive with reports that included what researcher Rick Phillips called an “Obama Star,” an orb-like anomaly which many believed would appear over Washington as Obama was sworn into office. Also, the interstellar-medium and showman “Prophet Yahweh” similarly predicted that such a UFO might appear, although a good portion of Yahweh’s body of paranormal claims includes his alleged ability to summon UFO craft and command them to appear in the skies above him at will. Also, as I had mentioned in previous Gralien Report entries myself, could it be that what some have called Obama’s “messianic” stature had lead to speculation (or even anticipation) that some mysterious event would indeed take place at his inauguration?

This brings to mind the funny ways in which UFOs can sometimes become a cross-cultural phenomenon. Arguably, most people would default to making some sort of direct connotation between UFOs and space aliens who visit Earth. However, in the presence of miraculous phenomenon, I’ve often witnessed that UFOs almost tend to become a symbolic extension of people’s religious beliefs. Think back to the experiences described by famous UFO abductee Betty Andreasson, who described nothing short of a traditional mystic experience in which, after being transported to a distant planet by aliens, she was presented before a large bird, which then burst into flames (the intense heat from which nearly overcame her). Once the bird had burned up, something she likened to being “a worm” emerged from the ashes.

Interestingly, this description sounds void of most elements one would typically associate with alien abduction, and the creature Andreasson witnessed clearly resembled the mythlogical Phoenix. According to legend, this “firebird” lived in 500 year cycles, near the end of which it would build a nest of cinnamon twigs which it would ignite, burning itself in the fire it created. From these ashes a new, young phoenix (sometime a phoenix egg) would be reborn to live again. For very obvious reasons, this mythlogical symbol for rebirth was adopted by the early Catholic artists as a symbol for Christ’s ressurection, and incidentally, Betty Andreasson was also a devout Christian, describing how the “presence” of God appeared before her after her encounter with the Phoenix. Shortly after the large bird had been consumed by flames before her, Andreasson began to ask the “presence” which remained if it were “her lord Jesus”. “I have faith in Jesus Christ,” she proclaimed.

“We know child,” the voice responded, which she said felt to her as though it may have been a group of entities, though it sounded like one voice. “I am sending you back now. Fear not… Be of comfort.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at info@micahhanks.com.

One Reply to “Horse Feathers: UFO Attends Inauguration?”

  1. I think it was a pretty birdie flying just a tad close to that camera. I rather like the Mach 3 bird idea though. And, if I get one more CNN UFO flies over inauguration Google Alert I’ll scream. They’re really pouring in today.

    As far as the Phoenix and other stories, especially that of mythology go – it’s very possible that such things are adopted through synchronicity due to the fact that they do look like they pertain and had lasted a test of time. When something has lasted a test of time it could have been put in place for just that reason.

    I always thought that about the Phoenix and Jesus but never knew about it being adopted by the Christians like you said. I can see why they adopted it though. If the Christians take a popular belief such as the Phoenix and draw a biblical analogy from it then that makes the biblical belief more infamous and consequently repeated more often.

    I think I can take just about everything from the stories of old and make them pertain to religious text in some fashion.

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