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3 Replies to “Definitions of Truth: Was Alien Contactee Billy Meier Given Pleiadean Predictions of the Future?

  1. Micah,

    Good article.

    Again, these so-called ‘aliens’ are never what they present themselves to be. Often they give clues to what their actual affiliations are: whether or of arrogance or pride, who can say?

    Whether it’s an ‘Ashtar’ or Meyer’s ‘Semjase’, they just can’t help but reveal that ‘they’ are from here, and always have been.

    Look through the ancient literature of our planet and you’ll find the same names, or variants thereof, again and again. In this case, look up ‘Semyasa’ or ‘Semyaza’.

    ‘They’ are not aliens from other worlds. The truth is much darker and much more ancient.

  2. By the way, in ancient tradition Semyaza was usually male, but he/it could also take on a female form, as in the pre-Islamic Uzza.

    Semyaza is said to be “suspended between heaven and earth” with no place to rest, as punishment for his interactions with humanity. ‘He’ is also associated with the constellation Orion, in ancient Hebrew belief.

    This is interesting, because in the same ancient belief system, Orion is believed to have a baleful or evil influence, while the Seven Sisters or the Pleiades was the opposing “positive” force. So in this current ruse, the guise known as Semjase is presenting itself as associated with its ancient opposite, which would be known/realized by only a very few people in general.

    Games, and more games. Masks.

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