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3 Replies to “Could “Space Junk” Account for some NASA UFOs?

  1. Oh ok. So now we have the answer to all those mysterious objects that not even NASA can explain. You have now confirmed that these objects are “debris” and we can all be thankful to you for claryfying the matter. I find it strange that you document your opinion in this article with not one iota of evidence to back up your rather hopeful sounding claim. To me Sir, you are no different to the scientists who refuse to publicly study the matter of UFO’s, alien civilisation visitation or any other anomolous subject for that matter but expect people like myself to believe your take on it. You are no better than the individuals who are your opposite, the believers in the subject. Them, like yourself are steadfast in their opinions and will not be budged from them. I dont criticise anyone from either realm due to the fact that we simply do not know the full facts. Yes I believe there are strange manifestations in our skies and beyond. No I do not know what these are. Until unquestionable proof of these subjects is brought before the citizens of the world for our full perusal your opinion Sir, to me, will rank in objectivity alongside those that deny that there is something is going on but prefer not to investigate these matters openly and without hesitation.

  2. Hi J,

    Thanks for your insights. Please keep in mind, however, that I’m not trying to provide any single, conclusive “answer” to the NASA UFO mystery, as evidenced by the title “Could “Space Junk” Account for some NASA UFOs”. Some, not all… and I think that’s pretty clearly stated.

    Also, (and at risk of being redundant here) to quote myself from the second-to-last paragraph, “Keep in mind that many NASA astronauts, including Buzz Alrin and Gordon Cooper, have both publicly discussed seeing UFOs during NASA operations. Dr. Edgar Mitchell also has become known for drumming up controversy surrounding his belief in UFOs, and in a series of cryptic remarks Neil Armstrong famously described to students at a speech he gave at the White House, there may be

  3. Hi Micah,

    First could I state that if my comment sounded “angry” I apologise to you. This what not my intention. It is not often I comment on such articles and to be honest this was my first ever reply to an article regarding the subject (UFO/Anomolous objects/strange phenomena). As you are aware this is a subject that people (or am I in the minority?) tend to keep their beliefs/thoughts about to them selfs. Call me paranoid but I dont like posting my thoughts on the internet for the world to see incase the police state and any other secret organisation have knowledge of my personal thoughts. (Hows that for conspiray theory for you). The point I was trying to make in response to your article was that objectivity without personal experience is dangerous. I get the impression you like me have strong thoughts on a multitude of subjects from this one to the next. Your article, if you read between the lines appears that ALL anomolous objects could be debris. That to me is ignorant and lazy. We have all seen the videos produced by Nasa missions in the past that are difficult to explain as mere debris. I think you may know the ones I refer to. Your article, the way you have proposed appears to claim that all this evidence can be explained as debris. This is something I would disagree with you about. That is a dangerous concept and plays into the hands of the majority that does not wish for open discussion on even the possibility that this phenomena could be real. I ask you this Micah, why are the public not allowed full access to all Nasa records? Is Nasa not a PUBLIC agency? Who exactly are they serving? I could ask a million more questions about Nasa and other agencies but then i would come across as a conspiracy theorist. Incidentally, what exactly is wrong with conspiracy theorism? You seem to sound derulsatory about them when you say, and I quote ” Ah, the lovely conspiracy theorists”. To be honest Micah your article could, to me have been written by a Nasa employee. It reeks of bias. I know you quote Armstrong as a counterweight in your article but yet you diminish the opinion of their experiences and statement but put the argumentative weight of your article behind a Nasa spokesperson. This person is a irrelavent. Their thoughts are irrelevant. They speak for an agency whose astronauts and their experiences trump whatever she has to say. But yet you put more value on this ladys comments above the experiences and testimony of people who have actually been in the environment you discuss. Lastly Micah, I respect your thoughts. I value your opinion. I would suggest you continue so that the debate rages on. This is a subject of great importance as you know and qwe should all debate it like adults with respect for everyones opinion. I fear though this “space debris” one may be an area that we may differ on. Even though a vast majority of these objects could be debris and probably are, the volume of other evidence surely you would agree makes the article mute in point.

    Your friend


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