Image by Markusram / Markus RamIn a statement appearing in the New York Daily News on Thursday, the release of an additional 6000 pages in the British Ministry of Defense’s ongoing disclosure of UFO documentation elicited the usual response: passive dismissal of acknowledged UFO activity. “Our only concern,” reads a letter from 1994, “is to establish whether or not they pose a threat to the security of the United Kingdom. Unless we judge that they do, and this has not been the case so far, we do not attempt to investigate further, or to identify whatever might have been seen.” (Image, right, by Markus Ram / Markusram).

One must ask if, in the event something were to have been conclusively identified as some kind of natural phenomenon (i.e. ball lightning, etc), wouldn’t this have helped the MoD reach the same ultimate conclusion that the activity warranted no special concern? Granted, part of the process used to judge what sorts of activity might pose a threat would have to entail some measure of inquiry into the nature of the phenomenon itself. Still, it is stunning how dismissive officials can be of something which may represent, at most, some kind of non-human intelligence engaging in activity here on Earth. Had the MoD attempted to investigate further, might details pertaining to future potential dangers or aggressive activity have been uncovered?

I ask this with such obvious criticism only because one of the official statements being issued by the British Government, as stated above, actually describes this behavior as their typical plan of action. In truth, I can only speculate as to what kinds of inquiries were being made off the record, so to speak, for if the kinds of UFO reports recounted around various military bases and in conjunction with military operations over the years haven’t warranted official concern in at least some capacity, than it’s hard to guess what else would.

In his book UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, author Robert Hastings points out a variety of concerning accounts from former officials that detail credible UFO interactions with US military operations. As stated at his website, he believes that a link exists between the arrival of nuclear weapons in the mid-1940s and

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

One Reply to “British Dismissal of Acknowledged UFO Activity”

  1. There are some things that concern me with the current pop-culture trend of UFOs. Why is it that every UFO seen just has to be an alien craft, with intelligent life forms, advanced technology, all from another world?

    The rise of “UFO” sightings came at the same time we began really taking to the skies. The 1940s are riddled with prototype planes. Especially disc shaped ones that we know both Europe, America, and Germany had created.

    Also noted. At the same time Tesla had developed plans for a disc shaped flying craft.

    If you connect them. You have the fact the governments were developing flying saucers, and were deploying them. What they did with them is still pretty much hush hush. But it easily could explain the spying on nuclear facilities. This also explains why our Governments dismiss the UFO stuff. It’s either theirs or it’s someone spying.

    The SR17 Blackbird was a prototype spy plane. It lead up to the development of the SR71 that we all know about. But not many know about the SR17.

    Why is the SR17 important? At one time it was held in New Mexico at one of the bases. The mechanics who were working on it said “It was made from metal we’d never seen before and could reach Mach9 speed”. They connected this with the Roswell crash and assumed “It was made from metal that came from aliens!”. So we have credible mechanics whom worked on the military base for years, on all kinds of planes, but this special spy plane they concluded was “made from materials not of this world” simply because it was outside what they knew. So we’re left to decide did this plane come in existence with technology from outter space, even though there was no proof? Or did the mechanics who worked on it simply conclude it was alien in nature all because it was new to them? Then the third possibility were they simply joking around? The plane itself is interesting for its time period, but hardly that “special” nor does any records indicate it could reach Mach 9. That I could find, if someone else knows, please correct me.

    If the UFOs are (or most) Governmental crafts. Why would they lie?

    Anything the public knows, our enemies know.

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