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  1. The CENAPRED cameras are set to give a frame rate of 4 frames per second. Given that the object appears on 15 frames, we can conclude it took the object 1 full minute to traverse the whole distance of the camera’s aperture.

    Escamilla’s video camera (the one he used to record his RODs) like all commercial equipment is set to 30 fps.

    So no, I don’t agree with the insect hypothesis.

    Here are more videos taken at mount Popo.

  2. RPJ,

    Interesting observations! Here are a few things still worthy of consideration. The CENAPRED camera that I linked in the article retrieves stills once every minute, rather than every four seconds. Can you share a link with the information about the cameras that utilize a four-second interval (as the camera linked, compared with the one in the video, clearly show different angles, and thus different cameras)?

    Also, at least one report claimed that the images were actually filmed by Televisa, although this seems a bit strange, as the video appears to be a mounted camera of some variety (as I’d mentioned, and in keeping with the CENAPRED cameras being used). I had wondered whether language barriers might contribute to a misinterpretation of the actual filming source.

    Share a link! If that was indeed a CENAPRED camera (as I had initially thought as well), and the four-second interval is a known quantity, it might help clear this up.

    1. You would think finding a simple answer to the issue of these cameras would be easy, but either I’m too stupid to find it or neither CENAPRED nor TELEVISA give straightforward answers in their websites.

      In this official page, CENAPRED provides information about the camera they keep on top of mount Altzomoni: it is a surveillance camera model ESPRIT by PELCO, and the image is refreshed every minute. HOWEVER, in this study they published to explain the video of October 25th, they show a series of sequences of the object taken every 0.25 seconds (4 fps) so it is my guess –correct me if I’m wrong– that even though the camera is recording 4 frames every second, the webpage refreshes the image only every minute, possibly due to bandwidth limitations.

      The Altzomoni center seems to be a joint venture between TELEVISA & CENAPRED, meaning TELEVISA built the facility & installed their own camera, and let CENAPRED put a camera of their own. The TELEVISA camera is more sensitive to light, hence their images are brighter. I haven’t found an official website describing the technical characteristics of the TELEVISA camera, but perhaps it’s not so wrong to speculate it has the same or similar frame rate to the CENAPRED camera.

      CENAPRED also has 3 more cameras surveying mount Popo, at the station Tlamacas, station Tianguismanalco & station Tochimilco. However the page doesn’t offer any additional info about the technical characteristics of these other cameras, so whether they are the same brand & type as the one they keep at Altzomoni I do not know.

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