Quoting Archbishop Desmond Tutu in this week’s edition of Time Magazine, apartheid’s fierce adversary and soon-to-be-retiring holy man commented that, “The texture of our universe is one where there is no question at all but that good and laughter and justice will prevail.” Considering this philosophy alongside popular speculation that alien species may have been visiting Earth for hundreds, if not thousands of years, one might surmise that their intentions were good, also. If aliens are actually here, they haven’t harmed us yet, right?

Speculation of this sort no doubt raises contention within ufological circles. After all, there appear to be two differing viewpoints present in modern ufology which, over the years, have slowly resulted in a sort of loose segregation among its ranks: those who believe aliens are here to help humankind, and those who feel that their intentions are more dubious, and present cause for concern. Though these differing perspectives will no doubt continue to foster argument, it is interesting to consider how people’s beliefs in this regard are affected by theology, namely that of Judeo-Christian origin.

During a recent interview, UFO researcher and Presbyterian minister Barry Downing told AOL News that UFOs “may have been around for millions of years,” and speculates that their presence could have had some influence on the “development of the biblical religion.” Downing’s 1968 book The Bible and Flying Saucers sought to draw connections between biblical mythology and visits from alien beings, similar to those proposed by the various progenitors of the “ancient astronaut” hypothesis, namely Ezekiel reporting the appearance of flying “wheels” in the Old Testament (Ezekiel 1:16). Downing cites the parting of the Red Sea that granted safe passage to the Israelites–and even the Ascension of Jesus Christ–as other instances where ancient people sought to explain complex phenomenon where aliens might have intervened.

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Since the instances related above are generally accepted as miracles or, at very least, circumstances that seemed to work in favor of Judeo-Christian people in the Old and New Testament, one obvious perspective would liken the resulting influence of presumed alien visitors to that of angelic beings. This notion is contrasted rather drastically with the assertions made in my colleague Nick Redfern’s new book Final Events, and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife. Redfern’s book tells the peculiar story of the Collins Elite, an organization with members in various branches of government (namely the CIA) who begun investigating UFOs and their potential link to the devilish dealings of Aleister Crowley and, perhaps more importantly, Jet Propulsion Lab co-founder Jack Parsons. The notion that UFOs and their alien occupants may actually be connected with dark, satanic rites is hardly new (as Redfern’s book illustrates), having been proposed in ufological circles by the likes of Daniel Boudillion, Greg Bishop and myself in my book Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule. But is there any credible link between the presumed activities of extraterrestrials and demonic forces?

Many have proposed the odd theory that alien abductions are actually representative of a tangible process of removing people’s souls, which our extraterrestrial visitors appear to be “harvesting” in various capacities. In his book Communion, famous author and alien abductee Whitley Strieber described how abductees “experienced feeling as if their souls were being dragged from their bodies.” Strieber even discussed one incident of his own where he had experienced “total separation of soul and body,” and reported hearing his alien captors literally say “we recycle souls.” Another peculiar exchange, and one which points to the possibly dubious nature of alien-human contact as being exclusively a physical phenomenon, was reported during an abduction encounter that appeared in David M. Jacobs, PhD’s book The Threat. An abductee interviewed for Jacobs’ book recalls telepathically communicating with one of his extraterrestrial captors, and asking what their intentions were. Rather cryptically, he was told “all they’re interested in… no matter what happens at all, is that they control.”

The foreboding circumstances presented within such reports can hardly escape designation within our so-called “evil” category. Still, they may be worthy of further interpretation, as seen from perspectives seeking to define the phenomena more broadly, rather than the strict, cut-and-dry labeling of “good and evil.” Consider the numerous consistencies between reports of UFO abductees and those who have had various sorts of mystic experiences, both self-induced (via entheogenic drugs, meditation, etc) and the spontaneous variety. One common theme would be the perception described by mystics that a “presence” accompanies their meditations, rituals, and other methods of entering altered states. This sometimes even culminates in trans-dimensional “encounters” with sentient beings, seeming so real that no explanation could exist in the mind of the initiate other than a literal meeting with an alien presence having transpired. Mystic experiences are also traditionally rife with descriptions of bodily dismemberment, as well as levitation, out-of-body experiences, tunnels of light, religious iconography, and a host of other things that similarly pepper various ufological literature, especially in the cases where alien abductions have been involved.

Does making associations between the two phenomena in this way challenge the notion that alien abduction is an entirely physical phenomenon? Perhaps so; but more to-point in the present circumstance, it illustrates the commonality between mystic experiences–many of which involve circumstances that could certainly elicit a sense of separation between soul and body–and the nuts and bolts, primarily medically-oriented alien abduction scenarios which, of no particular surprise here, contain many of the same sort of elements. Perceived in the absence of their mystical counterparts (and interpreted solely in a physical sense), alien abductions could hardly be received as anything but negative or “evil.” And yet, ironically, mystic practitioners have long noted circumstances that are curiously similar within their meditations and dream quests, having merely accepted them as one small part of a greater experience.

Religious beliefs, traditions, and cultural perspectives will inevitably influence the way any presumed contact with extraterrestrials–present of future–will be interpreted by a given race or group of people. Arguably, even those who may not adhere to a particular belief system will still find themselves influenced by the culture and religions of those around them under such circumstances, filtering the experience through an ideological window that isn’t entirely their own. Thus life on Earth, and our relationships with each other, create a picture of ongoing contact with a presence that, perhaps for lack of better classification, appears to represent alien visitation. We could choose to accept this conclusion blindly, or we can venture to take UFOs and alien abduction into context honestly alongside religious beliefs and other esoteric practices from around the world. By attempting to better understand the phenomenon in all its capacities, the likely outcome would involve people beginning to look at “aliens” as only one small piece of a much larger puzzle. Housed within the great frame of human consciousness, we may find an unexplored frontier as curious as any distant planet or alien realm we’ve ever imagined.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at info@micahhanks.com.

7 Replies to “Alien Contact in History: Battle for Our Souls, or a Culture Clash?

  1. How curious this manicheistic way to address the alien problem; they are either saviors or invaders, good or evil. We tend so much to anthropomorphize their intentions, why can’t we envision they might also be like us moral-wise? Look at the United States: always trying to “help” other countries and bring light and democracy… and they usually end up doing more harm than good!

    Worse than a cunning demon, it’s an idiot angel! 😛

    PS: One of the things I liked about Strieber’s Communion is that, like the movie “Jacob’s Ladder”, the philosophies of Meister Eckhart are mentioned.

    According to Eckhart, if you refuse to let go of your earthly desires and imperfections, then demons from Hell will torture your soul; if, on the other hand, you accept to relent of your ego, then the demons turn into angels that carry your soul towards Heaven.

  2. I think life and all it’s possibility’s are endless. I think anything any human on this planet can imagine is real somewhere in this multiverse.

  3. Aliens and Our Reincarnation: The Devil’s Work

    Anxiety levels high, nervous late one night, hours before bed, aware of THEM, intrigued.
    Ensconced in the ironic sense of their plaguing omnipresence, I posed a question playfully, internally; “Who was I physically in my previous lifetime?”

    I wondered; since aliens are just like demons, who garner souls and tamper with souls transit enroute to and from Heaven, and who harass, intergenerationally, in families, as well; have aliens have bothered me in previous soul experiences as well as in this one?

    It was a frivolous, teasing, tangentially curious question that I asked myself, never realizing that I would be provided an answer, of sorts. I relived it.

    That night, I had a strange breathtakingly vivid dreamlike flash; unlike an evolving dream scenario, it was a five- second- long lightning flash, which was so short and so bright that like lightning, the scenes immediate afterimages have lingered, without revealing the whole landscape.

    I was in mortal terror, panicked, in heart pounding transit, running fast through a series of apartment rooms whose corner windows overlooked what looked like a second story modern street scene; cars moved among the parked vehicles.

    The sunlight outside seemed very bright from that height I noted as I ran, dry- mouthed, wide – eyed, gasping, in fear.
    As I rounded the apartments end which overlooked a street corner, I ran past a long and wide hall mirror on the wall before I reached for the doorknob in desperate haste to leave the flat. In that mirror, I caught a glimpse of myself running for my life; (as the door opened, to my hand, my heart pounding, in full flight, the scene turned to blackness.

    Inside – The person who ran was me, me in every feeling and nuance and thought, me in attitudes, likes and inclinations.

    Outside – The picture, the lighting flash afterimage of the person I saw in the mirror, was a frightened young girl in her twenties, with my blue eyes, but with blonde hair of medium length, small in stature, with pinched thin facial features, clutching a bright red pocketbook.

    I awoke, realizing immediately that my question voiced internally to myself, had been heard, seriously considered, and that an answer had been given, fractionally.

    Had they imposed these images, or ‘retrieved’ them from my subconscious memories of previous lifetimes?

    Was it a lie?

    (I was stunned that I had to admit ,believe that ones personality’s nature, the inner soul-mind, is unalterable, except in small gradients, from life to life.)

    What troubled me was that I had received a powerful answer on many levels; they can read my mind and my unspoken thoughts!
    They may have monitored “me” in previous lifetimes when I was not “me” but really still was “me”.

    Why were they interested in one’s soul?
    Can they “Splinter” the soul and kindle new flames from those sparks to create new souls for their own purposes, the way they would treat our sperm or egg samples, to create new physical somatic creatures?

    I remember a voice in my head: “You are an old soul; a very old soul.”

    Abductions and their remnant elusive memories have opened all this for me; a confirmed atheist until I saw aliens float me out of my body, in my bed, at night.

    Then, I knew that they were interested in an essence I never suspected I had; a soul .

    I had neatly placed God on the same shelf with the tooth fairy until evil ones, unseen ones tormented me; it is impossible to be tortured by the devil and not believe in God.

    Science and medicine do not yet distinguish between psychiatric and spiritual problems; I have had to within myself. My faith has grown with each bizarre experience, I have painfully blossomed spiritually.

    Even when one’s soul is not tampered with by inter dimensional’s, at night your astral body travels to realms from angelic to demonic, a spirit world of myriad vibrational levels and the pictures that you see on the backs of your eyelids, while you REM, are not dreams but visits, souvenirs of a greater reality.

    Like a goldfish who never suspects a greater world beyond the ponds surface, the limited awareness of humankind floats beneath the surface of a greater reality, groping, mouth agape in total ignorance.

    After studying all major religions, out of body experiences, near death experiences, hauntings, psychics and memories of previous lifetimes through regressive hypnosis techniques, I slowly, dully accepted the alien view that we are not people having spiritual experiences, but spirits having human experiences.
    Thus, we can indeed appeal for help from the dimension we come and go from, Heaven.

    My glimpses into my last lifetime, glimpses afforded me directly by the entities who trouble me, either imposed, as lies, or retrieved, as truth, tell me that we were inside precisely the SAME in nuance and predilection and different, on the outside.

    That may be the reason that we still have the same unresolved issues; we evolve so slowly, it may be a curse to continue, painfully, over and over and over just to make a little headway towards our spiritual goals.

    Those soul needs are acceptance, forgiveness, and love.

    But here in the flesh, those very spiritual feelings make it easier as a strong ‘light’ to attract entities of parasitism, these intruding, nighttime bedroom harassers who are the occupants of UFOs and the demons and inter dimensionals that they have access to.
    They stay with us from lifetime to lifetime; like the Dalai Lama they do ‘ find’ us again, in abductions, early in childhood.

    Our spiritual powers that interest and addict them are the very powers we can use to thwart further attacks, but like spraying for cockroach infestation it must be effective, as well as be regular, in application.

    They infect our auras with themselves and ride the reincarnation roller coaster with us to avoid the death that they fear and to steal the spiritual recycling we have but we for the most part, as a race of entities, are dully unaware of rebirth and its amazing implications.

    A loving God gives us many lifetimes to refine evolve our souls and we choose the lessons but these joyriding grey aliens and the demons they throw into the equation to muddle the picture and to punish one for resisting, are discorporate, incarnate souls stuck to our energies who bring a new meaning to the concept of a silent invasion.

    Many tens of thousands of alien abductees the world over awaken in bed exhausted with copious nosebleeds, yellow stains on their pillows, scars and scoop marks on their skin,subcutaneous implants and fearful vivid recall of having seen large eyed bug like nonhuman entities, seen them eyeball to eyeball, entities who are nighttime, bedroom intruders.

    What could be worse?
    Well, some lone, isolated people simply do not return after alien abductions.

    If the alternate truth weren’t so very frightening, I’d say that there might be no things worse than murder, death at the hands of these elusive, malicious reptilian-grey alien creatures, human mutilation precisely for the same reasons as cow mutilations, the playing of Frankenstein in spacesuits.

    What could be worse than such perfunctory death?

    What IS much worse is birth, again, at the hands of these creatures.

    A very different endgame is unnaturally inherent after an alien abductee’s death.

    People, after physical death, do go on to that other dimension that we all come from and go to, a dimension that we call, “Heaven”; as spirits we see Earth as a ‘school’.

    We briefly reside repeatedly in a succession of many lifetimes in a physical body to learn “lessons” that refine and hone our spirits. Aliens know another essential fact that we do not; we aren’t people having untoward human experiences; we are spirits in human bodies having untoward spiritual experiences.

    As if if lifetime abductions by aliens weren’t enough, imagine many series of lifetimes, husbanded by grays who interfere with our soul’s transit; they collect and garner souls and transfer them into soulless bodies that they’ve created, bypassing the God – natural recycling, planning of HEAVEN,_EARTH,_HEAVEN,_EARTH for our soul’s designed evolution.

    There is no intermediate Heaven for such souls; no reunion of kindred spirits, no ‘blueprint’ of ‘ lessons drawn up by the soul,itself and approved by the Council of Elders, all under God’s aegis, a clear violation of spiritual law.

    Imagine struggling to awaken spiritually again in another body, with imposed amnesia again, but this time after time, no Heaven between lifetimes.

    Your only spirit unseen guides and helpers are reptilians and greys who orchestrate joys and create horrors for you so that you’re always their productive property for their milking.

    And at our death, rather than return to our home, Heaven, we are their property, a means to an end, an inherent spiritual nightmare.

    When greys say; ‘WE HAVE THE RIGHT’, in a response to abduction complaints, it’s because they’ve invested much time in us; that’s exactly why they know, when asked, so very much, about our previous lifetimes.

    They are more interested in our spiritual essences than we are aware of our spiritual essences.
    How is this magic accomplished?

    In this case, I awaken to find myself placed, bolted and strapped into a large heavy padded metal chair in a round dimly lit room about 20 ft wide.

    The small round room contains four such chairs in a circle with large degraff generator looking poles with round heads, about ten feet high and two feet thick, all standing tall between the chairs.

    I can see across the room.

    A huge hulking form of a man wearing a dark suit, sits opposite me looking switched off or dead. He hunches into another heavily padded metal chair and faces me.

    Spectacular displays of what looks like white firework sparkler-like sparks fly straight up from these poles, high into the air.

    These sparks are quickly circled, cycled into a growing faster larger circle of white sparks above both of our heads, anticlockwise into a growing circle of more solid dazzling lights.

    Parts of our soul energies are merged .

    Then the sparkling circle of rotating lights are siphoned off into another hulking machine just beyond my sight.

    Our energies have been stolen; parts of our souls have been stored for creating another soul into an alien created body form.
    When humans see UFO craft in the skies above our cities they dully forget to evaluate the true purposes of the pilots within but focus instead on the craft itself as though some devious alien mind control were at play.

    They could squash us like bugs but prefer to be elusive such that we are in a proverbial hall of mirrors with a quicksand floor when it comes to any clearer understanding of their motives for incessant abductions.
    What we do know is that we are mere sheep for shearing, to them; we are used by them in almost the same precise way that remora use denizens of the oceans.

    It is the Devils’s work.

  4. We have the power to protect ourselves, or our souls. We know this in our soul. We need only invoke the name of Jesus, we have the Jesus Gene, use it.

  5. Jesus Gene?….what is that and how do you use it? I try to use only my good genes and turn off my bad genes on a daily basis but I have never heard of this Jesus gene. Lately I’ve been having problems soldering the wires from my gene switches to the gene itself… the connections are just so small and the soldering iron gets too hot. I was thinking about using some solder-less connectors but I cant find any small enough. Do I have to wire up every gene in every cell in my body or just pick one cell and wire up those genes…. because this is becoming too much work. Maybe I just need to wire up one Jesus gene and forget about the rest.

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