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Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

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  1. Micah, I’ve never paid particular attention to alien abductees, so was unaware many experienced severe electric shocks early in life.

    In the ’60s, when most domestic properties in Liverpool (UK) at the time had at best limited electrification, my dad was one of the subcontractors hired to rectify that.

    When I was 7 (in ’66) we moved into our first house, a rented council accommodation, and me Dad, typically, proceeded to do a rush job electrifying the place, not bothering to bury the wiring in the walls and plastering it over, but simply running endless wires over any available surface.

    I found watching him do this absolutely fascinating, but ‘something’ suddenly ‘inspired’ me to go the little back room upstairs – which still hadn’t been carpeted or lino-ed – and dig away the dirt between two particular floorboards until I unearthed this huge antique darning needle.

    Then, almost as if it was a dowsing rod, the needle ‘pulled’ me back downstairs and had me trace the wire running approximately three feet above the ground around the four living room walls, making me do this over and over as me Dad worked obliviously away in one of its corners until ‘something’ suddenly seemed to say, “Do it!” Hesitating because I’d had it drummed into me electricity could kill, this ‘voice’ demanded, “DO IT NOW!” and the next thing I knew I was pushing the darning needle through the wire’s protective sheath.

    There was a huge ‘dry’ bang, (accompanied by a a sort of stereo vorticial roaring ‘sound’/sensation coming at me from all directions I was familiar with from another set of weird experiences I’d long been prone to) , and suddenly there were two versions of me flying up, backwards through the air, (straight over the settee and other furniture me Dad’d lazily pushed to the centre of the room to make room for himself working in the corner), one version of me horrified and scared as hell as I landed on the far side of the room a split second later directly on my arse, and this other version who seemed to float in slow motion through the air, able to take everything in in incredibly vivid detail, (even the strange contorted sequence of expression changes on me Mum’s face as she made to enter the room from the kitchen just in time to witness the whole thing ), actually enjoying the sense of soaring freedom.

    Instantly springing to my feet, I asked me Mum, “Am I still alive?”, which, to me Mum’s chagrin, made me Dad chuckle, but I sensed she held back from giving him a piece of mind for fear of upsetting me, especially since she couldn’t get to me thanks to all the furniture me he’d piled up in the room’s centre.

    Looking incredibly relieved, she said, “If ever there was a boy who’s got nine lives it’s you,” then asked me what I was looking at.

    Hanging in the air, about two feet off the ground, at right angles to where she’d just plonked herself on a rickety dining chair pressed against the wall for fear of fainting out of shock, there was this glowing door sized ‘object’. It resembled a miniature Olympic style swimming pool stood on end filled with, instead of water, rippling translucent aquamarine energy.

    When I told what I could see she said it was only the after effect of having experienced a bright flash, but looking around the room to see if the ‘door’ followed my eyes, I pointed out to her not only was it staying put in front of her, but anyway those types of after effects’re usually red or green.

    The peculiar thing was she said she couldn’t see it, yet she moved warily around it as if she could see EXACTLY where it was.

    After several minutes of me assuring her it still hadn’t gone away or even dimmed yet, she displayed all her usual signs of being spooked all the other times I reported seeing strange things which usually meant – in our previous trailer trash like existence of living in rooms – we’d be moving yet again, but since I’d actually grown to like the new place I hoped we wouldn’t.

    After taking me out shopping on the high street for a much longer period than usual we got back to find – to my disappointment – it’d finally gone, though I’d debated with myself if a fib’d be bad if it hadn’t.

    I can only add to that I’ve been electrocuted a few times since then, that before it happened I was prone to weirdness anyway, but after it there was a definite qualitative change in the type of experiences I had, which became much less – shall we say? – ‘traditional’. I might also add that around this same period I underwent a number of close shaves with death in association with what I tend to call ‘special effects’.

  2. Hey Alan,

    Excellent story! I wonder what it was you were suddenly able to perceive… could it have been some kind of strange “doorway” to, of all things, another realm?

    Strangely, this reminds me of something in the old Super Mario games on the original Nintendo NES platform; occasionally these odd little buttons with the letter “P” on them would appear, and if you caused the character to step on them, hidden doorways, silver coins, and other bizarre effects would occur for a limited amount of time. Strange association I’m making, I know… but it sounds almost like the sort of thing you witnessed!

    Great story… thanks for sharing it!


  3. Underground caverns, which are among the most mystical places in the world, have also one common feature:

    Low levels of oxygen.

    In fact, some sacred cenotes in the Yucatan peninsula are so scarce on O2 and so full of sulfur that the yearly ceremonial pilgrimage some native groups perform inside them, to gather blind fish is a rather dangerous endeavor.

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