NASA hasn’t seemed to remain out of the spotlight lately, particularly after the announcement that the agency would be given extra funds in 2015, as space research accelerates.

However, some controversy has also surrounded the agency, after one of NASA’s WB-57 aircraft was located on an American military airstrip in east Africa only weeks ago. There has presently been no explanation offered for what the plane’s purpose in this location might have been, prompting speculation about a “secret mission” NASA could be involved with in Africa.

Jim Alexander, one of the officials and a spokesman with the WB-57 High Altitude Research Program, wasn’t forthcoming with details. “I really can’t give you any,” he told ABC News on December 3. “You know, the airplane was there, you see it in the picture. But I really can’t tell you what it was for.”

WBAccording to the NASA’s webpage on the project, “The NASA WB-57 Program provides unique, high-altitude airborne platforms to US Government agencies, academic institutions, and commercial customers in order to support scientific research and advanced technology development and testing at locations around the world. Mission examples include atmospheric and earth science, ground mapping, cosmic dust collection, rocket launch support, and test bed operations for future airborne or spaceborne systems.”

Presently, three fully operational WB-57 aircraft are known to be in service; each are based at Ellington Field, according to NASA’s records. The aircraft have been in use since the early 1960’s, and have been employed primarily for use in high altitude scientific data collecting missions.

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at info@micahhanks.com.

3 Replies to “NASA Aircraft Spotted in East Africa Raises Questions

  1. “East Africa” is not a country in Africa, so we still haven’t honed down exactly where in Africa this machinery is located. Is it in an Ebola stricken nation? Are they taking the disease up into the upper regions of our atmosphere to release it there so population control can begin world-wide? (For conspiracy theorists appetites, you know.)

  2. The base is located in the Republic of Djibouti which puts it extremely close to Ethiopia near the Horn of Africa. Very strong Islamic leanings with the population being 94% Islamic. Maybe it’s being utilized to fly over certain areas at an altitude too high for ground to air missiles to cover for when satellites might not be able to moniter ground movements of perceived terrorists in the area. (Apologies for any run on sentences.)

  3. I love that you mention pareidolia. A few months back I heard one of your shows that got into what pareidola was and here is how I processed the information you gave. I have a friend who has tinnitus and I thought about pareidolia and wondered if the phenomena could be something like a heightening of the senses and could affect more than just sight. It instantly popped into my head the idea that schizophrenics may be people who have tinnitus and suffer from audio pareiodolia. So I looked it up a found I’m not the only one who has figured this in as a factor. New research has shown so far that I think 10-15% of schizophrenics do have tinnitus. It’s strange how philosophy, mere talking, and processing can lead to greater discovery and progress than belief in a method. It’s amazing what the human can accomplish when given unbiased information.

    The Gralien Report isn’t a wave form being transmitted it’s a chemical reaction in my stereo. “wink”

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