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This week on The Gralien Report Podcast, Micah makes a journey to the world aboveground to observe the weather in the Sweet Sunny South as he discusses diabolic activities at the Grammys (or not), the theft of a bloodstained relic bearing the stains of Pope John Paul II, Stephen Hawking on the non-existence of Black Holes, and then the diabolical story of the week, which tells of Laytoya Ammons, who claims her family had been attacked by demonic forces. While there are some intriguing elements to this story, it also offers a few concerns, particularly the 200 demons alleged to have been detected by clairvoyants. Do the multiple police, DCS, and medical reports substantiate the claims?

The Gralien Report Podcast for January 28, 2014

Then during hour two, our guest Dr. John Hart is a professor of Christian Ethics at Boston University, and author of the new book Cosmic Commons: Spirit, Science and Space. In it, he takes a look at not just the potentials within apparent UFO phenomenon, but also a humanitarian approach to human travel throughout the universe.

You can find a link to his work online below, as well as other notes and gloats on this week’s program…

Dr. John Hart pursues a subject that sees seldom academic treatment

Buy the book on in Kindle and print formats

Stephen Hawking says there may not be black holes after all

Blood of Pope John Paul stolen in possible “satanic” crime

The possessions of Laytoya Ammons at the Indianapolis Star

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