This week on The Gralien Report Podcast, nonhuman beings, asteroid fly-bys, and shooting star synchronicity are on the table as discussion topics. There were many strange parallels involving the meteorite crash last week that the mainstream didn’t cover… and what they did cover was, in many cases, the typical sort of mainstream coverage we’ve all come to expect. Apparently no clear delineation between the use of terms like “asteroid,” “meteorite,” and “meteoroid” seemed to be made in many instances, and thus, for all many of us were left to believe, the asteroid NASA was tracking the same day of the Russian meteor incident

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

11 Replies to “The Gralien Report Podcast for February 19, 2013

  1. I found your interview with Mr. Motts interesting. I’ve been following the various secretive and immoral activities of the Smithsonian ever since i was first exposed to this information – in classes on archaeology and the history of science which i took UC Santa Cruz and UC Berkeley.

    I don’t think blind cheerleading for ‘science’ will get us anywhere we want to be. At the same time, treating huge institutions composed of vast numbers of individuals, all with varied interests and motivations, as monolithic entities isn’t helpful either. steph

    1. Steph,

      How are ya? Wow… just saw what you shared in your comment about studying the Smithsonian’s weirdness “in classes on archaeology and the history of science which i took UC Santa Cruz and UC Berkeley.” That’s awesome… I’d love to hear more about this, as it’s VERY interesting that this sort of thing is even being discussed in schools!

      Thanks for your comment, and as always, thanks for listening!

    2. I was motivated to say the same thing about the Smithsonian the other day.
      As an institution, they do not represent the public, not by a long shot. Just the opposite, in fact. The best thing anyone can do in this regard, is to make damned sure that the Smithsonian does not get one cent from us. Ever.

  2. Hey, I enjoyed the show and would love to see some of the documentation regarding the Smithsonian’s acquisitions. That was an interesting discussion.

    I wanted to respond to a couple of points Mr. Mott made regarding the Norse lore. He said that Iceland was the last Scandinavian country to convert to Christianity. Actually, Iceland officially converted in 1000 CE. Denmark also could be said to have converted in the 11th century, with Norway holding out until the 12th century, and Sweden converting last, also in the 12th century. Regarding non-Germanic regions, these dates were much later. In fact, some of the Sami in Finland can be said to have never converted.

    Sometimes, people make the mistake of viewing the Norse sagas and Eddas as contemporary religious documents, but this is incorrect. They were written by Christians and for the most part written several hundred years post-conversion. Most scholars would probably agree that a significant portion of the lore contains Christian themes and elements.

    This brings me to my next point regarding the discussion. Mr. Mott said something to the effect that the ‘people who call themselves pagan’ now wouldn’t call themselves that if they understood what the historical pagans believed. He said that they were afraid of the things and did not embrace the things, but he didn’t really specify what he meant by ‘things.’

    Well, there are and were many ‘things’ in Germanic heathenry. I may as well disclose that I am one of those people who call themselves a Heathen, as Mr. Mott is one of those people who call themselves a Christian. Anyway, there are in the lore many beings who by and large maintain a benevolent posture towards humans. These beings include Landvaettir (land wights), Landdissir, Disir, Fylgjur, and Hamingja. There are many more, and many regional variations.

    I’ll go ahead and guess that Mr. Mott may be referring to are elves, also known as Alfar. The belief and stories about elves portray them as good, bad, or indifferent, depending on time and place. Mr. Mott is partially correct, in that in post-conversion Anglo-Saxon and continental Germanic regions, elves tend to be seen as malignant. However, in Scandinavia, they tend to be seen as friendly. Stated another way, in areas that were Christianized for many centuries, the elves are said to be evil, but in areas that were late-Christianized, the elves are said to be good or at least have a more complex relationship with humans.

    This, I thought, actually supports, if accidentally, the point that Mr. Hanks and Mr. Mott were discussing. Mainly, that the behavior of a given phenomenon varies according to witness expectation. Under church guidance and propaganda, these beings could only be evil. And so they acted evil. Yet, in the absence of the church, people seem to have positive relationships with them. Imagination shapes reality. We see what we are willing to see, and when we choose to see only evil, then that is exactly what we will find.

    1. Konrad,

      Many thanks for sharing this information, and for taking time to offer such a lengthy, insightful response. Also, very interesting what you noted toward the end about support for the “witness expectation” hypothesis found resulting from propaganda of various kinds (in this instance, we’re looking at such things perhaps being perpetrated by the perspectives of a particular religious persuasion).



      1. Iceland initially converted in 999-1000, when the squabbles between Christians and pagans was brought up for debate at the Althing (leading to the event called the kristnitaka). The decision was made to allow both beliefs to co-exist, and they continued to do so for several centuries, well past the conversion of the rest of Scandinavia. This came about as the result of a major efforts in the late 900s to bring conversion to Iceland, driven by the efforts of the new king of Norway, Olaf Tryggvason.

        But yes, Iceland was “last” to convert, because Norse paganism continued to live on and in fact continued to some extent down to the present day in the form of folk-beliefs in and placation of the huldre-folk, the trolls, etc. The Icelandic sagas contain stories of the conflict between non-human entities between the “new faith”, recorded as fact at the time.

  3. The large ancient rock carvings that is discussed in the Eastern USA is a
    map of the country showing roads, cities, parks, etc. This map is similar to
    the one I own, but I think mine has more detail. These are called Astral State Maps. They were made by Astral Snake like people. I call them the
    Marine Masters of the Earth. They are still on the Earth co-existing with
    Humans. They are friendly but keep to themselves.

  4. The Judaculla Rock located in North Carolina, USA ;
    I am sorry to challenge the scientific and archeological viewpoints of the World establishment concerning what the designs etched into this rock represent. I will
    openly tell the public what they are and who built it. What you are about to read is
    the truth, abiet, you may not believe it, but that does not matter as it is still the truth. The Etchings on the Stone represent a Map, complete with Rivers, Lakes, Parks, Roads and City. The only thing though that may surprise you it is not located on the Earth. It is an accurate replica of a State Map of the Lower Astral. The Designers who built it were very, very proud of it because it represented their Homeland. The Race of beings who built it are called Snake People, they are tall and have slanted eyes, they are also known today are Marine Masters. I have a map they gave to me similar to the Judaculla Rock, except it has a lot more detail. The Snake
    People live in close proximity to Humans today. They use a sophisticated Cloak that is hard to break through unless you are accepted by them. Their technology is amazing. Both myself and the Marine Masters have become friends.

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