This week on The Gralien Report, we have news that veteran late-night broadcaster Art Bell has hung up his microphone (again), and this time for good. We go into the reasons for this, before shifting our attention to Elon Musk’s latest efforts to save humanity from evil artificial intelligence. Then, has a filmmaker released conclusive proof that the Apollo moon landing was faked by filmmaker Stanley Kubrick? Hardly… not only did the moon landing occur, the videos touted by some as proof that they were faked by the late Eyes Wide Shut director clearly give away the gag. We’ll go over how this hoax managed to garner so much attention, and why the moon landing hoax theory remains so popular today among conspiracy theorists.

Then in hour two, we examine a famous early-twentieth century incident that led to the disappearance of three men under unusual circumstances. Known as the Flannan Isles disappearance, it remains one of the most unusual cases of strange disappearances ever recorded. Then, turning our attention to the disappearance of Kenny Veach, we tell the tale of an experienced hiker who went missing in the Sheep Mountains near Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada in late 2014. The circumstances he described in the last video he uploaded to his YouTube channel tell of Veach’s fascination, and ongoing search, for a strange “M-shaped cave” which had frightened him upon his first discovery, and may have even spurred an obsession that led to his end. Finally, why are businessmen (and political dissidents) going missing in China? Sadly, with the political climate in the East, it takes little imagination to guess why…

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Author: Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher, and podcaster. His interests include areas of history, science, archaeology, philosophy, and the study of anomalous phenomena in nature. He can be reached at

2 Replies to “TGR 12.15.15. The Moon Landing & “M” Shaped Caves

  1. Greetings,
    If I join, will I be able to download on AOL? Sometimes, I have
    trouble listening to Coast to Coast because of this problem.

  2. A: I am sick of these AI people claiming programming equals intelligence and leads to self decision making show me the data that proves this to be the case. B: I’m sick of B: movies like Terminator being sited as evidence for real life scenarios? Spoiler Alert! I don’t believe what I’m about to espouse its a joke= There was a B movie called Runaway in this movie Gene Simmons plays a terrorist who funds a corrupt scientist to create chips that program household robots to kill, this is the most likely scenario too me. The Runaway scenario, where the government programs the robots to kill citizens and then tells them they are programming themselves to do it. Hahaha. (To signify joking for lame brains)Really that is way more probable then AI programming equaling self realization because you saw it in a B movie. The only true scenario supported by evidence is that machines do malfunction and accident do happen and it has nothing to do with self realization and independent thinking at least on the part of the malfunctioning machinery. C: I don’t even want to tell you what c stands for but Howard Stern is one as I just attended by luck a live PODCAST in boulder. Luck because multiple shows had already sold out in Denver. This PODCASTER has built an empire that has lead to live shows that sell out venues not even three bands together sell out. Radio is already dead people only listen because we haven’t exposed them to PODCASTS yet. At my job we play PODCASTS all day and customers always enjoy them and ask what station is this. The look of disappointment when they realize they can’t jump in their car and continue listening says it all. I hate radio, seldom do I say hate, I remember being a teen with a driving job and turning from station to hellish station even listening to Jim Rome when I have zero interest for sports because at least he sounded kind of relatable/normal and I was so sick of the trash talk radio and same old garbage recycled as pop music on the radio. When radio and the music industry come collapsing down we all can party and celebrate the demise of three chord progression and three root notes that have been recycled over and over and passed off as art and something new. As somebody who can create sounds on a synthesizer any sound from scratch by ear I laugh at EVERYBODY on the radio and how hard they try and hide the fact they are plying a song you have already heard. Especially those people who are in love with their voices (gralien itunes wink) who strip away everything to ambiance and literally yell to hide the fact that most likely the last song you heard had the same exact structure and phrasing. They think Hobb-o(almost spelled it Hobo sorry) is in love with his voice then go and turn on the dang radio and listen to a bunch of tracers? Hey if I trace over Jim Lee’s work I’m a tracer yet when a musician plays somebody else’s song he’s talented? This has created the inspiration-less repetitive douches that flood the music industry today. Here’s a quote from one of the kings of rock and roll who I won’t bother naming: “Jimmy Hendrix? Pwwwwff.I can play his songs better than he could.” Does that not drive my point right home? So some guy (Jimmy) walks off in an aimless direction for years hacking a trail with blunt machete only to discover a new civilization so some douche can follow the path reach the civilization in moments without any thinking or sweat and claim it wasn’t nothing? This is why I go to see and listen to PODCASTS. PODCASTERS don’t think they are god for playing an instrument basically built so that it plays music even if it accidently falls over, just because they know how to plug in a mic and turn up the gain. No PODCASTS unlike radio have listeners to appease rather than corporate sponsors giving them the go ahead on plagiarizing what works 10 years ago good example the same company that made Jumanji now put out Goosebumps the same formula that I must say is ripped of a small independent movie called Hoomania. Just like how I noticed the movie Unbroken ripped off it’s imagery from the movie Turkey Shoot Where Steve Railsback stands in a cage holding up a cement block and tells the warden of the concentration camp he’s the one they can’t break. So yeah if you want to be a muppet join the media circus if you want to pave new ground be a PODCASTER. Thanks Micah for presenting the paranormal so eloquently the only other PODCASTER that presents information in such a elegant eclectic way is DR. Schuldenrein.

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